Matt Reeves — The Batman solo moving forward

When taking everything into context with what the DCEU has gone through over the past months, I had pointed out before that Matt Reeves (director) and THE BATMAN solo have managed to go mostly under the radar. Well, that “under the radar” going it had for itself is no more.

We knew that before Reeves would start THE BATMAN solo he would have to finish all that came with WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES; the post production, the press tour and its release. We had also found out that Reeves told Josh Horowitz of Happy Sad Confused,

[THE BATMAN’s] a new story, it’s starting again. I’m excited about it.

This was a bit worrisome at first due to the fact that Ben Affleck (actor, Bruce Wayne/Batman) and Geoff Johns (President and CCO of DC Entertainment) had already wrote the script/story for the solo, but the version for when Affleck was still in the director’s chair. With Affleck stepping down, and Reeves chosen as his successor, it was just originally assumed he’d carry on what had been originally planned.

Of course, in between then and now, there were a few hot stories revolving around Reeves and his film. Though, each debunked nearly as quick as they came out, and as I had said previously, the two quickly went under the radar.

Everyone can now take a deep breath, as we’ve found out that things are finally moving forward (to some degree).

Reeves went on Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast, The Q&A, where he confirmed,

I am outlining, I have the story [for THE BATMAN] worked out and I am outlining.

For me personally, it seems like there’s only one accurate story to tell with the film. That being the biggest sore-thumb in story telling history,

Matt Reeves — The Batman solo moving forward
Credit to Warner Bros.

It would be a disservice to us fans if they don’t tell some version of “Under the Red Hood.” Zack Snyder (director) in BATMAN V SUPERMAN had perfectly placed the easter-egg for said story to be told (going on out of that film), and David Ayer (director) touched on it more in SUICIDE SQUAD. With much of the Batman mythos admitted to; with Bruce being Batman for 20+ years, a majority of his rogues gallery shown in SS, and what I felt was a subtle nod to the BatFamily in the post-credit scene (of SS) when Bruce tells Amanda Waller, “Shut it down, or my friends and I will do it for you.”

Many instantly jumped it being the Justice League who he was referring to, but knowing that it was solely Diana and him (at that time), I think it’s obvious he was making a vague threat of using the BatFamily.

I hope that we get more information on THE BATMAN solo within the coming months, and I’ll be interested to see how long it is before behind the scenes footage is available.

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