The Baseball season has officially started, 162 games, 30 teams so much weird baseball park food. Almost every team played and some teams a look a lot more promising than others, but really with one game into the season nothing is certain. Unless, you are a Marlins fan than you are expectations for the season could be low (unfortunately).

The Chicago Cubs seem to want to start their season on a full sprint with a home run on the 1st pitch by Ian Happ. Happ was responsible for 24 home runs last years, you can’t hit a home run every game but hitting your first is a good way to hit it off. Speaking of homers what about Matt Davidson 3 homer game? Are Davidson and Happ aiming to set the bar higher or just an opening day fluke?

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They are no fans like New York Yankees fan, the late come up they had last year with Aaron Judge. Winning free agency signing Giancarlo Stanton and that’s just talking on the offensive side of the field. The Yankees had a great opening day vs Toronto. One game into it and Vegas already putting out the odds of them breaking 300 home runs this season, is that even possible?

The Houston Astros were the winners of the World Series an open up their season playing the Texas Rangers in a series of 4. Justin Verlander gets his 1st win in a game where they only allow 1 run. Astros are the team to beat as they are the former champions. Now on the other side of the spectrum the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers had the least amount wins last season. The Giants got their 1st win, Tigers didn’t play opening day. Can either of this team make significant strides this season?

With so many changes going in with Baseball it is good to see that “Opening Day” is still a major attraction to baseball fans. Whether able to make it live at the game, watching it on TV or keeping up with it while at work, Baseball is becoming fun again. And there was barely any mention of Tim Tebow. 162 games makes for a very long season, but either way between team story lines and creative foods Baseball is starting out strong.

Tell us what/who you are looking forward this season??