NBA Trade: Phoenix Suns vs the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have (finally) dealt Ryan Anderson to a different team. The rumors regarding Anderson have gone back as far as last summer. The Phoenix Suns have now acquired two Rockets players in Anderson and Trevor Ariza to pair in with their young core. The Rockets add some youth in Marquese Chriss and another guard into the mix of the rotation. Who Won?

The Phoenix Suns.

The Suns are quietly trending up and phasing out of the rebuilding stage. The team is looking to put the wheels in motion in to winning. As the NBA transitions into a trigger happy 3 point shooting league, the Suns seem to have a plan for their young guys.  Anderson and Ariza, while past their primes, are both prime examples of players that live by the 3 point shot. At their primes, Anderson shot lights out as a stretch 4 and Ariza excelled as a 3 and D player.

In other words, it can be said that the Suns got some of the best teachers to help them transition into a shoot first team. Anderson made 131 3s last season while Ariza made 170 3s, the Suns were last on 3 point percentage and had a total of 763 made 3s. This guys can shoot, the plan is to pass it on to the young core.

Think about this Nonsense for Phoenix:

Starters: Devin Booker, Josh Jackson, Ariza, Anderson, DeAndre Ayton

Bench: Isaiah Canaan/Troy Daniels, Mikal Bridges, T.J. Warren, Dragan Bender, Tyson Chandler

Other: Richaun Holmes will give quality minutes. It is still to be seeing what De’Anthony Melton, Élie Okobo and some of the other Suns guard will bring to the table.

HOLD UP! Booker at the 1? The Suns are taking players from the Rockets why not take the formula that was used on James Harden and used it on Booker. The goal for new coach Igor Kokoskov should be to start with a veteran crew and work in the young guys like Bridges and Bender for ultimate success.

The Suns are going to be fun to watch.

The Rockets get Chriss, Brandon Knight and an agreement that says that they don’t have to pay Anderson as much. While the Suns got better for the Rockets it was a business deal. The Rockets are committed to Carmelo Anthony, no Anderson means more minutes and shots for Anthony. While Chriss brings in youth to the Rockets, Knight doesn’t have a place in this team. Rockets could have been blinded by the obsession to get rid of Anderson and didn’t see the potential of Knight being more of a burden.

The Rockets did not get better with this trade in terms of personnel. But what it does open is the ability to pull the plug by the NBA trade deadline. Michael D’Antoni knows that last year was his best chance and the team blew it. Whether Harden disappearance act or Chris Paul injury (or choke), this team may be getting desperate.

Writer’s Nonsense Notes:

  • Anderson took and made more 3s than he did free throws. 131 and 204 3s made to 72 and 204 free throws made.
  • I have been saying this since last year, the Rockets will be define by the fact whether they can beat the Golden State Warriors or not and nothing else matters. And I don’t think they can do it.
  • The Rockets are what the Indiana Pacers were to the Miami Heat.

Who do you think won the trade?

Here is a nice Phoenix Sun Video brought to you by Nonsense Sports!

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