It was only back in August when Twitter ban political comedian and commentator Gavin McInnes (and the Proud Boys). The move by the “Tech Giant” was one that received quite a lot of attention, much due to the fact that McInnes wasn’t given a reason—the reason area was left blank—to his banning in the notice he received.

This came on the heels of InfoWars founder and owner, Alex Jones, simultaneously ban from FaceBook, Apple and YouTube. Also a move that gained traction (by Right-leaning outlets/commentators) due to the circumstances that such occurred all within roughly the same day, and with similar reasoning. Since then, Jones has also been ban from Twitter (and even PayPal).

Though on Saturday, December 8th the newly merged Blaze Media (CRTV and The Blaze) released a statement stating the following, as they seemingly parted ways with the Get Off My Lawn host, McInnes,

Since the statement’s release, all of McInnes’ content (from GOML and CRTV Tonight) has been removed from the streaming service.

The reasoning behind the split (of Blaze Media and McInnes) and removal of content is currently unknown. Inthecenternews has reached out for a quote on the matter, but as of this being published has received no response.

McInnes had recently received media attention when a report by federal authorities was covered by The Guardian that described the Proud Boys as an “extremist group with ties to White Nationalism” and went on to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center. Though such classification has been since refuted by the FBI as reported in The Washington Post where Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon told journalists that the FBI didn’t mean to list the aforementioned (as extremists) in a slide show with Clark County Sheriffs’ Office.


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