Titans @ Browns, 11:00 AM

Baker Mayfield‘s year-1 went as such: 13 starts, 6-7 record, 3,725 passing yards, 131 rushing yards, 27 Touchdowns, 14 Interceptions and the most important stat was how he brought hype and culture to the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield did a full on “Jon Taffer Bar Rescue” season on the Browns and now they brought in Odell Beckham Jr, Kareem Hunt should be making an appearance between 8-10. OBJ and Hunt highlight the new comers, but the Browns still have a young roster full of potential behind Nick Chubb, Anthony Calloway, David Njoku, seriously THE BROWNS ARE REALLY TALENTED.  

Lastly, on the Browns, how come we are not talking about their defense lead by Myles Garrett, feels like under all the noise the Browns are making, the real beast is Garrett. Garrett comes into year-3 with 20.5 sacks and looking healthier than ever. **Whispers the Browns real weapon is not Mayfield or OBJ but is really MYLES GARRETT Whispers** flies away**

Imagine being Marcus Mariota and coming in off a really bad season and looking to bounce back and having to go fight off for your starting job.  Imagine being Ryan Tannehill and coming off an injury, being traded by the Dolphins and now fighting for an NFL job. Now imagine all that happening within one organization, fans want Tannehill, Mariota is the hot seat, Derrick Henry seems to only show up in the 2nd half of the season, there is a lot going with the Titans.

Nonsense Stats

Derrick Henry was on the only player in the 2018 season for 99 yards.

Pick: Browns

Ravens @ Dolphins 11:00 AM

Whenever the topic of the Baltimore Ravens comes up, my 1st and only thought is if Lamar Jackson can break Michael Vick record of 1,039 rushing yards. Jackson broke for over 100 yards once last year, he only needs to average about 64.9 (1,039/16) rushing yards per game. The Miami Dolphins defense allowed 145.3 rushing yards per game. Say what you want to say, Jackson will look to pass more and be a better passer, but when in doubt Jackson will run.

Dolphins are starting Ryan Fitzpatrick aka Fitzmagic over Josh Rosen.  Rosen’s reaction to the news was the best, Rosen said the competition “never stops” and added, “Hopefully I’ll surpass him at some point.” In my opinion, Rosen’s subtleness should not be taking lightly, in theory he knows that he is just waiting for his time. Rosen’s intelligence has never been in doubt, he has already scouted Fitzmagic’s last couple of seasons and understands that the magic will run out. Last time that Fitzmagic had a winning record for the season was back in 2015 with the Jets. Rosen is younger, he will get his shot and the only question is when?

Pick: Ravens, Lamar Jackson rushes 100+ yards.

Falcons @ Vikings 11:00 AM

If you thought about 2 teams that fully disappointed last year, the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings are in that mix. Neither team made the playoffs after (somewhat) successful seasons. For this season and for both of these teams there is just too many questions.

Falcons: Will Julio Jones break 10 touchdowns this year? Who will replace Tevin Coleman? Has the defense improved? Who is WR2? Is it time to move on?

Vikings: How healthy is Dalvin Cook and how much work should he take on? Kirk Cousins’ contract? 

Pick: Somebody has to win… maybe.

 Bills @ Jets 11:00 AM

Year 2 for Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, Darnold was a week 1 starter and winner for the New York Jets, played 13 games and ended 4-9. Allen did not start but played in the opening game for the Buffalo Bills last year after Nathan “Preseason Goat” Peterman threw for 2 interceptions against the Ravens. New Year and both quarterbacks have to solidify themselves as “future quarterbacks” for their team.

The Bills released LeSean McCoy, leaving Allen to work with Devin Singletary, Frank Gore (coming off leading the Dolphins backfield) and T.J. Yeldon. Looks like Allen will be counting on Beasley as a number 1 receiver. For the Bills it doesn’t seem like they went all out on getting Allen weapons. On the other side, the Jets picking up Le’Veon Bell raises a lot of questions it also could provide some big answers for the Jets.

Pick: Jets. Bell should aim to make an impact and prove/show that he did not lose a step sitting out a year.

Redskins @ Eagles 11:00 AM MT

Please take a take moment of silence in the name of Nick “almighty” Foles who is no longer with the Philadelphia Eagles. *Moment of silence*

Now back to your regular programming, Wentzyzlvania is back and the longer he can stay healthy the better the Eagles will be. Carson Wentz‘s health should be the Eagles’ number 1 priority, because seriously no quarterback wants to be sacked 31 times in a season. Newcomers, Jordan Howard and DeSean Jackson, feel the Eagles offensive need and have also become trade assets.

The reasoning for Case Keenum getting the starting job over Dwayne Haskins, well is a reason.  The Washington Redskins are a team that are looking into the future and beyond; to a time where Haskins will be unleashed, Derrius Guice is a running threat, Adrian Peterson still making highlights, and the team will have reliable wide receivers. And while week 4 vs the New York Giants, week 6 vs the Dolphins, and week 7 vs San Fransisco 49ers look really good, the Redskins are living in the future of the next season.

Pick: Eagles. Out of the 31 sacks in 11 games for Wentz, the Redskins were the only team to not sack him.  

Rams @ Panthers 11:00 AM MT

How healthy are Cam Newton and Todd Gurley? Will Jared Goff live up to his $134 million contract? Year-3 for Sean McVay comes with a lot of hope and hype, 11 wins, 13 wins, Super Bowl Champs? Who knows? What we do know that this team depends on Gurley, who was in a limited role when his team needed him the most. So this year, the Los Angeles Rams are working on managing his workload, starting that out by drafting Darrell Henderson.  

The Carolina Panthers were another team that had to deal with injuries to their most important player, Cam Newton. Regardless, the Panther still found success with Christian McCaffrey doing just about everything for them offensively. For the Panthers, it seems to be like a make or break year for both Ron Rivera and Cam Newton. The positive for them is that the next 7 games after the Rams, are very winnable games without needing Newton to be at a full 100%.

Pick: Rams.

Chiefs @ Jaguars 11:00 AM MT

The Kansas City Chiefs start out the season as Super Bowl favorites. Patrick Mahomes is coming off an MVP year and a Super Bowl performance. Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins are back, add Damien Williams and LeSean McCoy reuniting with Andy Reid. The defense that was heavily criticized was revamped, led by Frank Clark and Chris Jones. THE CHIEFS LOOK VERY SCARY, to any team not named the New England Patriots.

The almighty Nick Foles is back as a full time starter (and also franchise quarterback?) for his 4th team the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have Foles, so they got that going for them. In theory, is a great move, an upgrade from Blake Bortles (Ps. Where in the world is Bortles? Do you now?).  Maybe, I am just being a bit negative, but I’m having a hard time picturing scenarios in which somehow don’t pull the plug by week 6.  

Pick: Chiefs

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