Week 12 of the NFL is upon us, Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Happy Leftover Giving as well for those of you who will be making leftover turkey sandwiches for the next week.

Jaguars (3-7) vs Bills (3-7)

If the Buffalo Bills can get this win, it would give them a pretty good idea on where they stand on their rebuilding table. The Bills defense is pretty good and the team seems to play harder when Josh Allen is under the center. If the Bills can finish out the season on a good note, this team will have a lot more to build on for next year. Lastly, did LeSean McCoy get at least a high-five for breaking 10k rushing yards in his career??

If the Jacksonville Jaguars really think that they are a playoff team, is nonsense. Focus on the positive Le’Veon Bell could be a free agent and the upcoming draft class have a lot of quarterbacks with potential.

Prediction: Bills Win.

Browns (3-6-1) vs Bengals (5-5)

If the Cleveland Browns win the will be on a 2 game winning for the first time in (insert google search result here). No more Tyrod Taylor and Carlos Hyde, the Browns are looking better than ever under Baker Mayfield. Speaking of Mayfield, he’s only 16 yards from 2,000 passing yards, he’s slowly erasing the Browns negative rep and creating his own. Winning for the Browns would also mean beating Hue Jackson, and that’s a plus.

Cincinnati Bengals are tied with the Baltimore Ravens at the moment, who they also lost to last week. AJ Green could be the X-factor in the game that can keep the Bengals’ playoff hope alive. The real game for the Bengals is hoping that the Raiders can get a win against the Ravens, which is not impossible.

Predictions: Browns, but the Bengals if AJ Green plays.

Patriots (7-3) vs Jets (3-7)

This game is trap. The New England Patriots have a way to play worse when they play the New York Jets, and the Jets play better when they play the Patriots. This game should be a blowout for the Patriots, but somehow more than likely it will be a close game. It’s still extremely hard to explain how the Patriots got destroyed by the Titans.

The Jets are starting Josh McCown, really it just means that the Patriots will have to try harder to keep the game a lot closer than it has to be.

Predictions: Patriots win.

Giants (3-7) vs Eagles (4-6)

The New York Giants are on a 2 game winning streak while the Philadelphia Eagles are on a 2 game losing streak. Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. are giving some hope for this Giants team. Eli Manning has also being playing great, now should the recent play change the plan get rid of Eli, NO!! Enjoy the good times and keep finding pieces to complement Barkley and OBJ. OBJ 5,536 receiving yards put him in the top 250 of the all-time list.

The Eagles situation is not looking good at all. Carson Wentz being back is about the biggest positive but so many more injuries have driven this team into a historic decline.

Predictions: Giants win.

49ers (2-8) vs Buccaneers (3-7)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost 4 in a row. Ryan Fitzpatrick is on his 14th season and  has played for 7 different NFL teams, I think that he starting, the Buccaneers are always making changers. At some point in time it feels like the whole team will change and still get the same result, another loss. Just pulled the plug.

The San Francisco 49ers‘ season has not been a waste at all, yes 2-8 says otherwise, but they have been making major improvements for the return of Jimmy Garoppolo. Next season, Garoppolo will be seen as the comeback kid. The rise of Matt Breida and George Kittle will make this team one fun to watch.

Predictions: 49ers win.

Seahawks (5-5) vs Panthers (6-4)

The Carolina Panthers seem to only be able to win at home, unfortunately with their current 5th seed they could be playing in Dallas. Seattle Seahawks at 5-5 seem to be trying to get in, so they can justified that they are not wasting Russell Wilson for another year. The Seahawks have to look at what is working and what is not working.

The season may not be over, but could you blame Wilson to keep an eye open for some options?

Predictions: Panthers win.

Raiders (2-8) vs Ravens (5-5)

Lamar Jackson is making the Baltimore Ravens a worth watching team and he’ll only be on his 2nd start. Joe Flacco could be considering to start working on his resume and start calling the Jaguars and the Broncos for openings at the QB position. Winning vs the Oakland Raiders, means Jackson will be keeping the Ravens playoff bound, would you go back Joe Flacco?

Nonsense Watch – Teams/ Raiders will be prepared for Jackson to running game, how he balances his runs and passing will be fun to watch.

Predictions: Ravens win.

Cardinals (2-8) vs Chargers (7-3)

The Los Angeles Chargers had won 6 in a row before getting stunned by the Broncos. All the talk that was going on, on how the Chargers were a different team than the past Chargers mid-tier team all were shut down. The Chargers have a history of being middle of the pack, holding on to a playoff spot could be a building block for them.

The Arizona Cardinals are limiting David Johnson less and less every week. Also Josh Rosen, is putting up descent numbers despite the losing.

Predictions: Chargers win.

Steelers (7-2) vs Broncos (4-6)

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t deserve to win last week vs the Jaguars. No, the Jaguars didn’t play better, but Ben Roethlisberger performance was just unbelievable, and not the good kind. Also, after James Conner proven to be great coming out the backfield why not give him the ball in the Red Zone? But hey Steelers are the Steelers. In my opinion the Steelers are what the Houston Rockets are in the NBA. The Steelers final judgement are how they perform in the playoffs.

Predictions: Steelers win, but it won’t be pretty.

Dolphins (5-5) vs Colts (5-5)

Ryan Tannerhill is back to try and lead the Miami Dolphins in to playoff territory against Andrew Luck. The Indianapolis Colts survived playing Brock Osweiler, while Luck has the Colts feeling pretty comfortable on a 4 game winning streak. Luck has 29 touchdowns and his 2,769 yards helped him break the 20k mark this season. Luck is the definition of a “comeback kid” the Colts look better than ever, TY Hilton and Marlon Mack are keeping defense on their toes.

Frank Gore is currently number 4 in the All Time Rushing list, 715 behind Barry Sanders.

Predictions: Colts Win.

Packers (4-5-1) vs Vikings (5-4-1) – Nonsense Watch

Does anybody else want this game to end in a tie? Battle for the NFC North, Minnesota Vikings hold the 6th spot right now, but if Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers can pull a fast one, it will get interesting. Both teams coming off loses and honestly, I doubt this is how either team picture themselves at the beginning of the season. The rise of Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears really did some damage and the Vikings and Packers are feeling it.

Kirk Cousins can’t win in prime time. Rodgers always finds a way to keep his team alive and fighting

Predictions: Packers win, but come on, who doesn’t want a tie??

Monday Night Football – Titans (5-5) vs Texans (7-3)

The AFC South is led by the Houston Texans, who look to continue their 7 game winning streak. Remember the Texans started 0-3, losing to the Tennessee Titans week 2 making this a grudge game for the Texans. The Titans will look to get Marcus Mariota back, who is not having a great season but gives them the best chance at winning.

The Titans are sneaky playoff team, last year they made the playoffs with a 9-7 record, beating out the Ravens and the Chargers.  

Predictions: Texans win.

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