NFL Week 13: The Playoffs are Coming

Some teams are still in the fight for the playoffs! There is hope for the Eagles! Some teams have officially given up! Coaches are stacking their resume for next season! Check out this weeks 13 preview!

Ravens (6-5) vs Falcons (4-7)

Lamar Jackson has 2 passing touchdowns, 415 passing yards, 329 rushing yards while scoring 2 touchdowns for the Baltimore Ravens. What the stats won’t tell you is how much more exciting (and possibly better) the Ravens are when he is under center. Ravens hold the 6th spot in the AFC and are shadowing the Pittsburgh Steelers division lead. Jackson has the Ravens on a 2 game winning streak and a win over the Atlanta Falcons could make it a 3 game, and something that Joe Flacco wasn’t able to do.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are not completely out of the playoffs but winning the remaining games on their scheduled is far beyond wishful thinking. The focus should be to end the season on a positive note. Throw as many touchdowns to Julio Jones as possible, keep developing Calvin Ridley as the perfect match to Jones and lastly go home early and rest up those injure players and come stronger next year.

Prediction: Ravens win. Jackson keeping the Ravens in the playoff race on a 3 game winning streak should keep Flacco on the sidelines (working on his resume and trade stock).

Broncos (5-6) vs Bengals (5-6)

Who should get credit for the Denver Broncos 2 game winning streak: Case Keenum, or the choke ability by both the Los Angeles Chargers and Steelers? 1 Keenum and 1 the Steelers. Phillip Lindsay has been the brightest spot for the Broncos offense, the undrafted rookie 780 rushing yards leads the team. Lindsay is coming off his best rushing performance of 110 yards, the Cincinnati Bengals are going to have their hands full. A win for the Broncos would put them ahead on of the Bengals and keep their playoffs hope alive.

Bengals’ are riding a 3 game losing streak, Andy Dalton out for the season while AJ Green still uncertain of playing. Those problems are just on the field, nothing has been said on Hue Jacksons’ true intentions on that team.

Prediction: Broncos win. If putting ball the on the ground doesn’t work, then hope that your defense can play better offense.

Rams (10-1) vs Lions (4-7)

Todd Gurley 4,339 yards in 4 years is beyond impressive. Gurley is only 2nd to Ezekiel Elliot in rushing yards (1074) while still leading the league in total touchdowns with 17.  Los Angeles Rams only loss was to the New Orleans Saints. With a number 2 seed in the NFC, the Rams just need to worry about staying healthy and preparing for the playoffs. Five games left in the season and realistically the Chicago Bears being the only team that should create problems for them.

Prediction: Rams win. By the way 4,339 puts Gurley at 176 on the all-time rushing list.

Cardinals (2-9) vs Packers (4-6-1)

Aaron Rodgers has the confidence to lead his team to 5 straight wins to put them in the playoffs. Of the next 5 matchups, the only team with a winning record is the Bears. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN, the Minnesota Vikings are facing the New England Patriots, Washington Redskins are trending down, the Philadelphia Eagles schedule is looking rough, the 4th, 5th and 6th spots are up for the taking in the NFC, can the Packers pull it off is the only question.

Arizona Cardinals are still recovering from their loss to the Oakland Raiders and riding a 3 game losing streak. Cardinals pulling a win is not impossible but how much money the NFL will lose on if the Cardinals officially eliminated the Packers from the playoffs.

Prediction: Packers win.

Bills (4-7) vs Dolphins (5-6)

The Buffalo Bills win 2 straight and the Miami Dolphins’ loss their 2nd straight, talk about a change of luck. A battle of mid-tier teams going add it for the AFC east to show that they are other teams other than the Patriots in that division. The Bills have taken a full left turn thanks a lot to the performance by Josh Allen. Allen has become a beacon of hope for the Bills.

Josh Allen = Last year’s Jimmy Garoppolo.

Prediction: Bills win. (Note: Frank Gore is 648 yards from passing Barry Sanders.)

Bears (8-3) vs Giants (3-8)

Five game winning streak, holding down the 3rd seed in the NFC and couple games ahead of the Vikings. The Bears are winning this week by giving Mitchell Trusbisky another week to rest up and heal his arm. A healthy Trubisky would give the Bears the best chance to the Bears to win a playoff game, a loss to the New York Giants is something they can afford.  Chase Daniel 230 yards, 2 touchdowns performance was more about survival than about taking the bulls by the horn. Playing it a save is the strategy for the Matt Naggy and the Bears.

Prediction: Bears win.

Panthers (6-5) vs Buccaneers (4-7)

Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks last week dropped them out of the playoff sitting. Panthers’ away record is 1-4, 3 of the last 5 games are away for them. Two of those games being against the Saints. The Panthers’ need to realize that they could be going home and start playing in full desperation mode. Somebody need to ignite some type of fire in this team.

Truly this game has more importance to fantasy owners than anybody else.

Prediction: Panthers win.

Colts (6-5) vs Jaguars (3-8)

Andrew Luck has 32 Touchdowns! Thirty-two touchdowns! Jacksonville Jaguars have lost 7 straight. ESPN reported that, “Blake Bortles admits he didn’t play well enough to keep starter job”! Bruh! BRUH! Personally I hate the fact that everybody is pointing fingers at Jalem Ramsey. Yes, he lied when he spoke on Bortles earlier this season but could you blame the guy he had his QB’s back, obviously nobody else did.

Indianapolis Colts are on a 5 game winning streak, following closely the Ravens and the Chargers, who can afford any more loses. The Colts are out for blood.

Prediction: Colts win.

Browns (4-6-1) vs Texans (8-3)

Houston Texans seemed to get better every week. Yes, the offense in scary but that’s just a distraction to get you to look away from J.J. Watt and Jadaveon Clowney and then boom sacked again. Marcus Mariota was sacked 6 times and was hit 9 times last week. The Texans’ offense led by Deshaun Watson also manage to get 281 rushing yards. The Texans are making sure that they are the team that nobody wants to play once playoffs start.  

Baker Mayfield has the Browns with the same records are the Packers, talk about being able to get hype. And as much as it would the greatest Cinderella story for the Browns to make the playoffs, this game against the Texans may not be one that they can win.

Prediction: Texans win.

Jets (3-8) vs Titans (5-6)

The New York Jets are on a 5 game losing streak and no official starting QB. The Tennessee Titans fell short of meeting any expectations or the success they had last year. This game does have the potential to be an exciting game even though it has no playoff relevancy.  The worse aspect of this game that both of this teams have the potential to be a lot better than what they are playing.

Prediction: Jets win with Darnold, but really it doesn’t matter.

Chiefs (9-2) vs Raiders (2-9)

This game should be a must watch, Raiders could be fired up and inspire by the Dallas Cowboys beating the Saints. Just saying it sounds like a bunch of nonsense. The Kansas City Chiefs’ next 5 include the Raiders twice, Ravens, Chargers and Seahawks. Playoff bound as they are, the Chiefs should not let up and keep on beating up on teams.

Prediction: Raiders win… just kidding, Chiefs demolish the Raiders.

Vikings (6-4-1) vs Patriots (8-3)

!!Nonsense Game of the Week!!

Patriots are the proud owners of the AFC East and hold the 2nd overall seed in the AFC behind the Chiefs. The Vikings are in a tight spot and a loss could put them in a bad situation going over to the Seahawks next week. Vikings have to start thinking about the big picture, five more games and uncertain playoff spot. The Vikings have been extremely inconsistent and facing a Patriots team that’s kicking in to playoff mode, it doesn’t look good.

Watch: Josh Gordon vs Stefon Diggs.

Prediction: Patriots win.

49ers (2-9) vs Seahawks (6-5)

Seahawks seem to be the only team that is playing desperate and they should. Beating the Panthers (who I picked to win) last week was a statement win that they have one more flight to take. The 49ers are playing for next year so they will put up a good fight against the Seahawks, but very doubtful will they close the small window by pulling off the upset.

Seahawks are tied at 6-5 with the Redskins and the Panthers. The 49ers should be an easy win and sets up a great stage for the Redskins and Eagles Monday night for the Eagles.  Ideally a win by the Eagles will put the Seahawks back in playoff seeding.

Prediction: Seahawks win.

Chargers (8-3) vs Steelers (7-3-1) – Nonsense Watch

The Steelers’ locker room is its own opponent to the team and with every loss it grows stronger and stronger. This elephant also grows week after week as well, nobody knows how that works. Usually cures and make for a happy locker room, but the Steelers seemed to want everything to burn. Ben Roethlisberger is throwing as much shade as interception to the Jaguars defense and is no Bueno. The way a locker room holds up in many ways translate into the field. Also affects chemistry especially when you need to trust your teammates to make everything work on a game winning drive.

No Melvin Gordon for the Chargers means that the offense may have to get creative in the red zone. Gordon had 2 touchdowns last week against the Cardinals but the Steelers are a whole different beast. While the Chargers do hold the 5th seed in the AFC they are walking on a very thin line.

Prediction: Steelers win. Set the stage for a bigger fallout.

Redskins (6-5) vs Eagles (5-6) – Nonsense Watch

The Eagles need close to a miracle to be able to make it back into the playoffs. Beating the Redskins could be a step forward. A loss by the Seahawks, Vikings and Carolina will also help. The Eagles battle to the playoffs is to make sure they don’t make history in a really bad way. Now looking past the Redskins is where the real challenge begin. Eagles have to face the Cowboys, Rams and Texans, all 3 of those teams are playing great football right now.

Colt McCoy is going to do everything he can to keep the Redskin alive. McCoy played well vs the Cowboys and with possibly getting Chris Thompson back they could have another weapon ready for Monday Night Football. The problem for the Redskins was the lack of believe that everybody had in them and then finally earning some good vibes. Losing Alex Smith pretty much put them back 6 feet under.

Prediction: Eagles win.

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