NFL Week 14: And They’re off to the Races

Only 3 more weeks of football left as we enter Week 14, and only 6 playoff spots. The Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers (to name a few) are still in the hunt, or could be shifting from their positions. While some teams like the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers that are only just playing for next year. Let’s take a look at Week 14 Matchups that should be fun to watch.

Playing for the Playoffs

Panthers (6-6) vs Browns (4-7-1)

In theory the Carolina Panthers are still in the playoff race, even though they have been playing like they’ve been out of it for a while. The Cleveland Browns are just in the race. Panthers’ come in on a 4 game losing streak. If the Panthers can get a win and the Seattle Seahawks can beat the Minnesota Vikings, they’re back on the 6th seed. The Problem for the Panthers is that they’re face to face with the Saints twice, and realistically they don’t have the same defense that the Dallas Cowboys pack.

4-7-1 Cleveland Browns are feeling themselves all thanks to Mr. Baker Mayfield #FranchiseQuarterback Browns are building on for next season.

Prediction: Panthers should win, like I said they have been playing like they been out of the race for a while.

Ravens (7-5) vs Chiefs (10-2)

Will this be the end of the Lamar-Jacksonsanity (LamarSanity?)? The Kansas City Chiefs put up 40 points against the Oakland Raiders, and 51 the week before against the Los Angeles Rams. The Baltimore Ravens put up 47 in week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills, led by LamarSanity the highest has been 34 Points. This AFC matchup could be on to repeat in the playoffs. The spread is 6.5 and 100% chance of being one of the best games of the weekend. The name of the game is football and at this point in time anything could happen.

Prediction: Hoping to be surprised.

Patriots (9-3) vs Dolphins (6-6)

The New England Patriots are sitting comfortably on the AFC 2nd seed, a loss and a win by the Houston Texans could make them swap positions. Truly, I don’t think the Patriots will have any trouble clinching against their division rivals, the Miami Dolphins. While it hasn’t been a fun season for the Dolphins, they always find a way to give a good fight to Tom Brady and the Patriots. With that in mind this game, we give the benefit of the doubt to the Dolphins (I guess).

Prediction: Patriots win. Is it just me, or are people really sleeping on the Patriots Super Bowl chances?

Colts (6-6) vs Texans (9-3)

The Indianapolis Colts got shut out by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who just gave up 4 touchdowns to Derrick Henry, oh how football Gods mess with our heads. Now the Colts have to face the Houston Texans, who are on a 9 game winning streak. With the Tennessee Titans beating the Jaguars so badly, it puts the Colts in a really bad spot, but being able to beat teams in your division keeps your playoff hopes alive.

Prediction: Texans win.

Eagles (6-6) vs Cowboys (7-5) – Nonsense Watch

If the Philadelphia Eagles win, they are back in the playoffs. The Eagles are on a 2 game winning streak in a battle against history. They need to make the playoffs, that’s their only way of survival. The matchup of Golden Tate and Amari Cooper, and how they make winning plays will be huge factors in the weeks to come. The Eagles will look to stop Ezekiel Elliott, and the Dallas Cowboys will look to repeat their defense performance they had against the Saints.

Prediction: I’ll be watching.

Rams (11-1) vs Bears (8-4)

Todd Gurley vs Khalil Mack.

Vikings (6-5-1) vs Seahawks (7-5) – Nonsense Watch

This is a must watch game. Nothing should be said… Just. Watch.

Playing for Fun

Jets (3-9) vs Bills (4-8)

This is a revenge game for the New York Jets who got demolished a couple weeks ago by the Buffalo Bills. By the way, no it wasn’t Josh Allen, it was Matt Barkley who destroyed the Jets for 41 points. Who is this Barkley and where is he? Nobody knows, he isn’t even starting this game, but maybe he should. Instead we get the rookie QB battle between Sam Darnold and Allen in the battle for bragging rights on who drafted the “Franchise Quarterback”.

Falcons (4-8) vs Packers (4-7-1)

A lot will have to happen for either of this team to even think about having a playoff chance. The Atlanta Falcons will be looking to get healthier and theoretically find ways to involve more Julio Jones in the Red Zones for touchdowns. The firing of Mike McCarthy is still fresh so they talk of the town will be; whether he failed the Green Bay Packers, or if Aaron Rodgers is a coach killer?

Aaron Jones and Devante Adams are establishing themselves as reliable options for Rodgers to build on. Now they are not prime Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson but they are young.

Saints (10-2) vs Buccaneers (5-7)

Before the Cowboys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were they only team that the New Orleans Saints loss too. The Saints will try to get “revenge”, I guess. Is it really “revenge” though, even if the Buccaneers get the win, Saints are still in the playoffs and the Buccaneers are not. Sometimes losing a game can serve as a wake-up call for a team that may have gotten too comfortable. Could the Buccaneers give the Saints another wake-up call? Seriously.

Giants (4-8) vs Redskins (6-6)

The Washington Redskins, theoretically, are still in the playoff race. A loss by the Vikings and the Eagles could put them back in to the playoff mix on the 6th seed. Three game losing streak and Mark Sanchez at quarterback put them in the playing for fun category.  Congratulations Adrian Peterson made history with Redskins. Regarding the New York Giants, seem to be playing their best football all season, cool story bro. Both of this teams should start preparing for the draft and figuring out a QB to draft.

Bengals (5-7) vs Chargers (9-3)

This is another game that’s just for fun. If the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the Los Angeles Chargers without Andy Dalton and AJ Green, that would be a miracle in itself (*Hope I didn’t just jinx the Chargers, my bad). The worst thing about this game is about the possibility that Hue Jackson could be the Bengals coach next year.

Broncos (6-6) vs 49ers (2-10)

The Denver Broncos win next 3 + Chargers lose next 3 = Best Game Ever, and then it would end in a tie! MIND-BLOWING! What if that happens? Talk about Nonsense! In the meantime the Broncos are playing for fun, developing Phillip Lindsay, and hoping that he has lot more in the tank for year 2. George Kittle has a breakout season that raises the question, “Where is Jimmy G and is he coming back?”

Steelers (7-4) vs Raiders (2-10)

I would like to see the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the playoffs. If possible.

Lions (4-8) vs Cardinals (3-9)

So… next year???

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