NFL: Wild Card weekend recap

Titans rally Chiefs in the 2nd Half 22-21

If you watched the 1st half of the game it seem like that there was no hope, Chiefs had a 21-3 lead.  The Chiefs were rolling and then all the sudden they weren’t.  Should we be surprised the Titans were able to rally back? Yes.  As many times that New England and Pittsburg have done it, nobody expected this from Titans, they looked like the real deal (in the 2nd half).  Titans’s Mariota and Henry turn the motors on and did everything they could to spoil an 18pt deficit.  Henry ran for 156 yards and Marcus threw a pass to himself, talk about being in the right place at the right time.  The Chiefs were the first team to go home, unfortunately left to answer many questions regarding coaching and future QB among the top ones.  Congratulations Titans earning their first playoff wins in 14 years.

Winning Factor: 

  • Whatever Henry in his time off after the Jaguars, worked and am sure the team want him to do more off it.
  • Decker (touchdown) and Walker (74 yards) were the leaders in the receiving end.
  • Titans 2nd half defense. Wow.  Who needs the kick on the point after when your defense plays like that?

Experience wins over youth, Atlanta gets over LA Rams 26-13

After I wrote the game preview for this game last week, the first thing that came to my mind was the difference in experience between the Atlanta and LA.  Before the beginning of the game, I reread the game preview and I realized that I was wrong and the answer was in my “Note” session regarding Sean Mcvay lack of experience, Atlanta had the true advantage in this game.  No credit should be taken away from the LA Rams and look for them to rebound from this lost and continue to make improvements next year.  Goff, Gurley and the rest of the young guys played their best under Sean Mcvay.  Be honest and tell this win doesn’t make the playoff more exciting to watch?

Winning Factors:

  • Jones And Sanu took over the passing game and caught everything that everything that went their way
  • QB Battle Matt Ryan 21-30 Vs Jared Goff 24-45.
  • Stopping the Gurley.

Bills Vs Jaguars Well That Was, What Was That?

If this game was the first game you watched all season “I’m sorry, please give the NFL another chance”.  A win is a win, but is it really? Somebody explained to me which team this could be a win for either team? Maybe we are wrong in blaming the Bills management for trying to tank earlier this season? The Jaguars’ great defense? Was it a great defense or just a worse performance on the other side of the ball? Neither team played good football, Blake Bortles was made his worse appearance yet.

Winning factors:

  • Ben Koyack (TE) Touchdown.  5 receptions for 38 yards for the 2017 season comes up bigger than anybody in this team.
  • Miami Heat’s Josh Richardson hits a lay-up with 5.1 seconds to give them a win over the Utah Jazz.

3 Games Vs Panthers, 3 Wins for the Saints (31-26)

Drew Brees and the Saints should be considered contenders (well, Maybe).  Brees always receives negative feedback because of his lack of passing and relaying more on Ingram and Kamara, this game it was the complete opposite.  Kamara and Ingram combine for 45 yards on the ground.  To some Cam Newton can be blame for the Panthers loss, but this game should be looked at the defense.  Needing a stop to give a Cam a winning chance, the defense did not seem to have what it too to handle the Saints offense.  As inconsistent as the Panthers looked this season they do have a many prospects to work around.  For the Saints moving up to the next ground shows the hard work that they have put on and prove wrong to all the doubters.

Winning Factor:

  • Drew Brees
  • Drew Brees
  • Drew Brees

Predictions Results 2-2 (3-1, Picking the Bills was mostly due to just not wanting to pick Bortles)

I know that I am not the only one that watched the Titans Vs Chief without blinking an eye.  Every play, every defensive stop yelling and celebrating like my life was depending on it.  That was a good game.  Andy Reid is a great coach and from his career we will all wonder how come he only has 1 playoff win.  Alex Smith is also a great QB that was efficient all years.  Chiefs will be dealing with a lot of tough decisions during the off-season.  Atlanta should have known better to picked against a team as experience as Atlanta.  Bills Vs Jaguars hopefully watched Panthers vs Saints, took many notes and what is real football.

Next Week:
Saturday 13th,
Falcons at Eagles
Titans at Patriots
Sunday 14th
Jaguars at Steelers
Saints at Vikings

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