I’ve been building to this moment for what’s felt like a millennia– well, actually just a little over a year when Jeremy Haun (co-creator) first teased THE REALM, but you get my over-exaggerated point. I do have to admit, though, that I was starting to get a [tad] bit worried that I might have hyped it … Read more


If you recall, in my review for ELSEWHERE #1 (just click and read if you haven’t already) I wasn’t exactly blown away by it overall, but I was willing to give the next issue a read. I wanted more DB Cooper, more delving into what makes this world so “fantastic,” and some answers as to how Amelia … Read more


I’m a huge Lantern fan, and up until the last issue of SUPERMAN I hadn’t really given it any thought on picking it up. It was just one of the many books DC Comics put out with REBIRTH, that honestly, I didn’t have the time nor did its original solicit peak my interest enough to read it… BUT that had … Read more


I think one of the things I say the most when I’m talking about comics is that GREEN ARROW is the most consistent and hands down the best book out of REBIRTH– it’s 100% true. The creative team of Benjamin Percy (writer,) Otto Schmidt (artist,) Juan Ferreyra (artist) and company are legitimately pumping out A+ quality week in and … Read more


I’m gonna start this off by raising my hand and admitting that I hadn’t been on JUSTICE LEAGUE, even when it started with REBIRTH. I didn’t much care for Bryan Hitch’s (writer) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA from the NEW52, and when they originally solicited this JL I felt like it could be a replay of the former. That changed when … Read more


FINALLY, I had been waiting for this issue for what felt like a millennia– obvious hyperbole, but in all seriousness, I had really been itching to dive into issue nine. The last two issues had essentially what you could call “filler art,” and not to take away from James Harren (artist,) but there’s just something … Read more