“Jesus H. Christ!”


I’ve always found stories that work reality into their fiction some of the most interesting. I think that the way PAPER GIRLS has managed to fold the reality of the world’s history into the sci-fi spin zone has made this title one of the best that you could possibly find on the shelf every month. This arc is clearly coming to a close, and man-oh-man did it kick up the intensity meter ten fold.

Warning Sticker
Warning Sticker from BEST BUY circa 1999

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His [Murphy] understanding of the Batman mythos, and how to meld the past into the present, build onto both and just give us something new is amongst the best writers out in the comic book industry.


Sometimes I get worried going into a title that has held such a steady line of solid storytelling with the amount of hype that’s behind it. You can feel the sinking feeling in your gut starting to build that an issue is going to fall short, but [again] Sean Gordon Murphy (write and artist) gave us a power hitting issue. Expecting substantial strides in plot is the safe bet so far, as we continue to see the story moving forward in every issue and there hasn’t been a moment of pause.

Once I end up making my Top 10 Best Issues of 2017 list, I have absolutely no doubt that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will be on it, as this issue [number-three] upped the ante again from last issue [number-two.] Continue reading “Review: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #3 (SPOILERS)”

Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal

As we’ve seen, the Trump Administration’s DOJ seems hellbent on upholding antitrust laws…


Roughly a month ago we found out that there were talks between 21st Century Fox and Disney, which would see the latter acquiring [nearly] everything of the former except for its news, sports and broadcast networks. This is huge talks since we’ve seen the rise of AT&T attempting to acquire Time Warner, which [if successful] on both ends would be a colossal shift to the media outlet landscape.

Though, talks on the two acquisitions had come to a screeching halt for both. For Time Warner/AT&T being that the Department of Justice filed suit to block the merger, while 21st Century Fox/Disney talks were reported to have stalled. Continue reading “Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal”

TITANS — You don’t know Dick

I don’t quite understand how this won’t just been TEEN Titans with only the latter of it being used to promote.


We learned back in March [2017] that DC Comics would be adding yet another show under its belt– TITANS. Though, there was a catch, and that being it would be brought to us [along with YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS] through DC Comics‘ “direct-to-consumer” digital streaming service. It was clear that they’re trying to buy in on the Netflix craze, and use this new series as a way to [help] launch it. Continue reading “TITANS — You don’t know Dick”

Review: THE PUNISHER, Season 1

Frank Castle springs back to action to find the true people behind the death of his family.


Frank Castle springs back to action to find the true people behind the death of his family.

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STAY WOKE: don’t sleep on these two NBA teams this year

Something underlying has been brewing that will cause an even bigger fan reaction than the offseason big name trades — sleeper teams.

Detroit Pistons v Minnesota TimberwolvesBy SIDNEY PERALTA
ITCNews Editor

Do you remember the off-season? Big name trades, and even bigger expectations. Kyrie and Gordon to the Celtics; Paul George and Melo to the Thunder with the stat king himself, Russell Westbrook; and CP3 crossing the border over to Houston to join The Beard in his quest to take rule over the west coast dominant Warriors.

The off season trades were amazing for fans that were growing tired of the less than surprising playoff/finals turnout over the last three years. (Call it a Warriors/Cavalier overdose.) But something underlying has been brewing that will cause an even bigger fan reaction than the big name trades; sleeper teams.

Watch out for the Pistons. No, it’s not the early 90’s, but we may just get nostalgia from the current bad boys fronting for Detroit. The Pistons currently sit at the second place in the east with a 14-6 record. Admittedly, we all thought it was an early season fluke, but then — they just kept winning and winning and winning. Even so far as to beat the current East coast top seeded Celtics. With their next game going up against a Wall-less Wizards, it can almost be guaranteed that they will find themselves with another W, inching closer to serious talks of being big time competitors.

636474180465308855-SI-20171127-kek-ad7-10-1-Drummond has been a stand out for the Pistons, with 14 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 block a game. Bradley, who was recently traded from the Celtics in the offseason, is also putting up stellar numbers with 17 points a game with 45 percent from the field, and 44 percent from the arc. Tobias Harris and Reggie Jackson have been just as big this season, with the former averaging 19 points with 47 percent from the field and 47 percent from the arc, while Jackson is averaging 16 points with 47 percent from the field and 40 percent from the arc. That’s 64 single-led points from these four alone. These are some bad boys we’re dealing with.


This big 3 out west is causing a lot of quiet commotion and whispers in the conference — and it’s not the Thunder. Ahead of tonight’s game, the Timberwolves will have the opportunity to prove something that I have believed since 10 games into the season, the real new big three is in Minnesota — we can even say it’s a big 4.

With the likes of Towns, Wiggins, Butler, and last but not least Teague, the Wolves are 4th in the West, with two wins over the other big 3 led Thunder. Tonight, they have a chance to make it 3 wins, and with that, they arguably make the statement that they can take on the Thunder in the postseason for a 5 to 7 game series, and win at that.

Towns is averaging a double-double this year with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Wiggins is just shy of 20 points a game with 45 percent from the field and a humble 32 percent from the arc. Butler adds about 18 points a game to the mix, while Gibson and Teague combine for 24 points and 11 rebounds on the floor.

Tonight will be one of those statement games echoed throughout the Association — watch out, because we are coming.

BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight”

This will definitely be must watch material when it comes out, and definitely broadens DC Comics’ horizon as they’re branching out to and taking advantage of their fans in the East.


There had been rumblings for a while around this “wild west infinity” that we all like to call the internet of a “Batman meets anime” project going on. Nothing was ever confirmed, or any weight really thrown at it other than the usual, “Whoa! That would be awesome if done right,” usuals. I can vaguely remember the talks dying off not too long after the original rumor had spread like a wild-fire. Then in October [of this year] at New York Comic Con there was a short clip shown to attendees, which both confirmed said rumblings, and thrusting those who got to see it into this Japanese hyper-stylized world of the “Caped Crusader.”

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