Pre SDCC — AQUAMAN, the Quest for the Trident

We’re a mere 3-days away from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), and only 5-days from the highly anticipated Hall-H! Of course this time of year is fueling off a tremendous amount of adrenaline, and comic book fans all around the world are itching to find out the scoop— and this year that “#MustSee” is Aquaman.

It’s indisputable (at least from my perspective) that James Wan and Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman is the jewel to be sought at this year’s SDCC. It is the next big blockbuster out of the DCEU, but more importantly, it’s a very pivotal movie for the DCEU.

There’s been tons of rumors floating around (pun intended), and most were initially about the release date for the trailer. Many thought it would be attached to Jurassic World 2, but Wan had enough — since he essentially is the “Rumor Slayer” — and confirmed it’d be released at SDCC, which wasn’t that surprising of an announcement. If there’s any time to release a trailer, it’d be then.

Though as we approached the mega-con that is San Diego, a lot more is beginning to find its way out. One thing in particular comes from Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief of as Comic Book Talk tweeted,

The fact that Wan is giving us an underwater adventure with highly technological advanced and mythical spins takes whatever hype had, and triples it. You get (as Zack Snyder had given us with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman) this sense of taking the characters out of the comics and throwing them and their advancements into our world. It acts as a lightning rod for great stories, and sucks the viewers in.

Also knowing Wan’s background, the fact that he’s arguably most known for his horror, you begin to wonder to what degree that’ll play into Aquaman (and how it’ll be used to enhance the film).

One thing Wan and DC Films have definitely accomplished leading into SDCC is the proper amount of anticipation they’ve built by allowing a minimal amount of leaks, and shooting down rumors. This hasn’t given much room for nonsense speculation, and overall has kept concerns at a low. It’s a change from what we’re used to, and hopefully allows for fans to simply enjoy the trailer that much more.

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