Prediction: Yankees vs Orioles

Thirty-five wins and 17 losses have the Yankees sitting comfortably in the 2nd spot of the American League. Even through ups and downs, they ended up having a pretty good month that included winning series against the Red Sox and the Astros. The last game of the month is against the Orioles, who beat out the Yankees earlier in the season. This is a chance of revenge for the Yankees, they have the momentum, batting power and a semi descent pitching line up for the next 4 games.

The Orioles on the other hand aren’t doing so hot, 5 game losing streak sitting in the last spot of the American League. On the positive side they won the last series against the Yankees so that does give them a sense of hope for a turnaround. Manny Machado is doing everything he can to keep the Orioles fighting on the offensive side leading the team with 16 home runs and 45 RBIs.  

The problem is that Machado is the only batter to seem to be showing up to games, nobody else even is over 10 home runs. Adam Jones is the closest thing to producing anything and he is only at 9 home runs and 26 RBIs. The Orioles were shut out twice in the last 3 games against the Nationals. The Orioles don’t look to have winning as a priority. Machado shouldn’t let his season go to waste maybe he should rearrange his priorities, he should talk to Aaron Judge.

The unpopular Sonny Gray will be starting out for the Yankees. Even though Gray is 3-4 every time he steps up to the mount all Yankees fan get a nervous feeling. Domingo German, also a problem child, 0-3 but on one side a lot more like than Gray. German has the potential to be great, but the Yankees aren’t going to be so patient to just prepare for losses when Gray and German jump in.

Gleyber Torres is at 9 homers while Aaron Judge leads with 15. Stanton, Didi and Sanchez are dealing with their regular struggles. Even though when the top batters for the Yankees struggle, guys like Walker, Hicks and Andujar are stepping to do the dirty work and to get the runs. Also Bird is back and it will take no time for him to get back on track.

Series Predictions:  Yankees win 3-1

  • Gleyber Torres hits 10th
  • German will get his 1st win
  • Red Sox and Astros split the series

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