I’m at the point on Tom King’s (writer) BATMAN run where it’s a like-hate relationship. I either like what he’s doing (one minute), and then hate it the next. This issue was one of those where I wasn’t going to bother checking it out, but the immense fan reaction to it had me scratching my head, “Hmmm, am I missing something glorious here?”

I look back on King’s last arc for this title, and I was left both disappointed and not surprised. Not surprised in the sense that it basically confirms my original prediction of this whole “She said yes” as a bit of a cash grab, which is backed by the prolonged way it’s being handled. And of course I was disappointed because there was a gigantic missed opportunity by not killing off a major character and allowing a story to spin out of it.

This being the first issue into the “Superfriends” arc, and of course when an arc starts off, I’m looking for a kick right out of the gate. You want something that hooks the reader, and I don’t believe this checks that category off.

The pace of the issue is quite slow, it does have a build feeling to it that something huge is going to go down, and there essentially is– but there’s no real payoff with Superman and Batman “one-punch KO’ing” two villains.

The highlight of this issue, which took up the whole thing in a double-edged sword type of way, was the parallel between not only Batman and Superman, but also Selina Kyle and Lois Lane. Seeing the two very different approaches, but yet ultimately the same intentions came off great. This (panels below) is the very reason I thought I might be missing out on something,

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