Sometimes I get worried going into a title that has held such a steady line of solid storytelling with the amount of hype that’s behind it. You can feel the sinking feeling in your gut starting to build that an issue is going to fall short, but (again) Sean Gordon Murphy (write and artist) gave us a power hitting issue. Expecting substantial strides in plot is the safe bet so far, as we continue to see the story moving forward in every issue and there hasn’t been a moment of pause.

Once I end up making my Top 10 Best Issues of 2017 list, I have absolutely no doubt that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will be on it, as this issue (number-three) upped the ante again from last issue (number-two).

I don’t believe there’s been a title where you don’t get at least one issue that seems like you’ve run into a brick wall, and the story seems to go nowhere. I do expect to come across one eventually for BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, but the fact that Murphy has been able to keep his foot on the gas through the first three is a good sign that we might not hit a slump with this masterpiece.

One of my favorite parts to this title is how it seems like the plot of Jack Napier doing everything in his power to turn Gotham City against Batman can shift from main plot to subplot, and it doesn’t affect how it comes across. Like in this issue, that is clearly subplot and a background role to the continuing of last issue’s villains being mind-controlled.

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Murphy touches on an interesting point in this issue with Jack/Joker’s intelligence.

He [Murphy] goes the opposite route of what I’ve tended to like as the theory of Joker, which is that he’s so smart he’s only acting insane. Here Murphy clearly sets up that the insanity of the Joker has held back his intelligence to a [substantial] degree. I don’t mind it, and I do feel it adds to the basic theme of this title.

Something I’m curious to see if it’ll eventually be addressed in this title is the theory that I stand fully behind in– Batman is a high functioning psychopath.

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