I usually don’t want politics and comics in the same medium. Comics are an escape, and incorporating politics risks the chance of turning your audience off. But, that’s not the case with BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, as Sean Gordon Murphy (writer and artist) has found the perfect middle ground with this title.

With each issue we see how he’s molded a story that moves its politics, instead of politics penning the story.

Murphy has somehow managed to transform Joker into a version that I truly despise– but in a great way. It’s not often writers take a character and move them forward to the point the new incarnation’s more interesting than its predecessor. Murphy’s succeeded.

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Jack Napier for councilman.

It’s satire. It’s in a way a mirrored look at now President Donald Trump and how he was the most unlikely candidate. People hated and despised him (and still do,) and where Napier will ascend, Trump has. I see it as a hyperbolized look at our world that’s done right, and neither panders or patronizes us readers.

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Another strong point of WHITE KNIGHT has been Gotham Insider. It reminds me a lot of Fox News, and Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Seeing the two view points of Napier clash, and take on a form of their own. It further engulfs you in the world Murphy’s forged. It’s a clear sign of a title succeeding– when you think, “This is exactly how the world would react.” Taking the reader out of theirs and into the one in front of them.

In issue-one when we saw Batman locked up in Arkham, the essential success of this story was going to count on Murphy’s arc of how we got there.

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Setting up the coming turn of Batgirl and Nightwing against Batman, to Gordon reaching his limit with the “Caped Crusader.” There’s a changing of the guard. The odds are quickly turning from the “Dark Knight’s” to the “White Knight’s” favor, and success is on the horizon.

Beside the fact that this issue gave us the first ever Joker/Harley “sex scene,” the shining moment of it was the rise/fall of Napier/Batman. Seeing how Napier and Harley are happy and “getting their lives together” compared to the falling from grace Bruce is suffering. It’s a work of art.

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

The appearing to be organic manifestation of these events in the story is what I love the most.

Of course the jaw dropping end was the uncovering of Mr. Freeze’s past– he was a Nazi. Though the cherry was that the Waynes are how he’s here in the United States after World War II. It thickens the plot in a way that ties Bruce and Victor closer together. I’m instantly curious as to where this will go in the hands of Neo Joker.

Issue-three took the number three slot on my Top 10 best issues of ’17, but it’s undeniable that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #4 is the best issue of the series thus far. Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth (colorist) out did themselves.

You can grab this issue at your local comic shop now, and BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #5 releases Wednesday, February 7th,

Jack’s mind and body begin to betray him as he prepares for an inevitable showdown with Batman, and Bruce himself struggles to keep his team united. As the game gets tougher, Batman seeks counsel from a shocking source—and after Wayne Manor is infiltrated, a car chase for the ages aims to curb Napier’s supercriminal crew once and for all.

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