Outside of DC REBIRTH and the upcoming DOOMSDAY CLOCK, I don’t think there’s really been an event that’s caught the attention of so many people — both comic fans and non — like DC METAL has. I think that’s a fair assessment, and up to this point it’s been widely rewarding with the amazing prelude issues of THE FORGE and THE CASTING, and then phenomenal main issues like DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1 and #2, but– I know, I know, of course there’s a but. There almost always is, and as much as anyone else, I really wish there wasn’t one with METAL, but there is.

I’m taking this like a tragedy– no, seriously. Everything up to this point has been amazing. Each issue hitting on all cylinders. Time and time again amazing art by all of the artists involved [especially Greg Capullo.] The stories that we’re getting have been overall amazing. BUT here I am finding that sometimes you can’t always sustain that A+ quality, and there’s going to be a wrench thrown in there somewhere.

Art by Greg Capullo, Inks by Jonathan Glapion, Colors by FCO Plascencia

I thought to begin with that the issue started off a bit weird. It didn’t feel like a METAL issue at all. The writing alone from Scott Snyder (writer) felt sub par, and almost fatigued. Probably the thing that irked me the most was when Diana said, “you need a better writer for non-dark, non-brooding moments.” That felt like a weak attempt at breaking the fourth-wall, and out of place for what the story is and who the character is.

I suppose that could be nitpicking, but it was something that stuck “in my teeth” and bothered me through the entire issue.

The pace felt slow. It reminded me as I was reading of like in a horror/thriller movie where you can tell that they’re building toward this huge reveal, but for me there was none. When it came time for what was surely that reveal, it wasn’t shocking or out of the box, but really just predictable.

Art by Greg Capullo, Inks by Jonathan Glapion, Colors by FCO Plascencia

Superman being the battery was a fastball down the middle of the plate, no doubt that it was coming. The build of the issue; from the “private S.O.S.” to the focusing on Bruce being the key to stopping Barbatos, as well as them thinking that he was the battery was too blatant of misdirections.

Perhaps I’ve been reading comics for too long, and I’m just used to those kind of attempts to have a huge shock like what Scott tried for, but that feels extremely egotistical of myself to say– so we’re going to go with it just not being executed well enough. Sorry Scott.

Another thing that felt off was Kendra appeared to be the only character with a real sense of urgency. I suppose there was a level of awkwardness between everyone. The butting of heads between Hal and Aquaman. Barry mumbling about how Iris and the others needed his help but he’d help Superman first. The only thing that felt genuine was the tension between Nightwing and Damian.

Art by Greg Capullo, Inks by Jonathan Glapion, Colors by FCO Plascencia

Dick [Grayson] voting to do what he felt Bruce would want them, which upset Damian because it’d leave his father to presumably die in the Dark Universe was one of the shining moments of the issue for me.

It’s unfortunate, because I’ve felt that leading up to this issue that the event has been one of the best in a very long time, but after finishing the latest, I’m left feeling disappointed.

You can pick up this issue at your local comic shop, and DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 will be hitting those same shelves on Wednesday, December 20th,

The Justice League has been broken and scattered to the far corners of the DCU, each member forced to face their worst fears alone…and the fears are winning. When an unlikely ally reveals a glimmer of hope, they must seize their chance, or risk their window of opportunity closing for good!


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