“I’m taking this like a tragedy– no, seriously,” was my takeaway from DARK NIGHTS: METAL #3, after how the issue unfolded and seriously under-delivered. It killed me a little inside, but I held out hope for this issue, because METAL was too much [in my mind] to be derailed by a single issue with three more of it to go.

To a degree, I wasn’t wrong for giving Scott Snyder (writer) some leave way.

All throughout the series, I’ve wondered where the Dark Multiverse versions of the other Leaguers were. With there being an infinity of possibilities, it would only make sense that there would also be those of the others. A universe where Superman, Flash and/or Wonder Woman would all be combined with some other character in some way. So seeing Snyder bring to life three versions of Superman’s darkest [k]nightmares was a real positive of the issue.

Art by Greg Capullo, Inks by Jonathan Glapion, Colors by FCO Plascencia

From an amalgam of Superman and Lex to Superman and [what appears to be] Superman and DKR Batman, and even a version of Superman Blue from the SUPERMAN RED/SUPERMAN BLUE run back in ’98. These version were breaths of fresh air to what felt like a story that was becoming stuffy on– and yes, prepare yourself here for what words I’m about to utter… a too Batman-centric “event.”

Something that I’m left disappointed about is the lack of exploration to the Dark Multiverse, again coming back to how too focused on Batman this is. The idea possesses a great deal more of potential for a seemingly infinite number of tales, and these three Supermen definitely are echoes of that.

I will say, credit to Snyder, is that the biggest twist of the issue [unlike last issue’s that could be seen coming from a mile away] was the fate of Kendra,

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