By now, everyone– eh, or at least anyone who reads my masterpieces that are reviews (come on, I’m joking about masterpiece… well, maybe just a little) knows that I’m a DC Comics guy [and that I bleed blue,] but overall I’m about quality story. So whenever there’s a number one that hits the shelves, I try to give it a read and see if it sucks me in or not. Well, this week we have DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN #1, and I do kind of find [Old Man] Logan to be interesting, so I figured, “Heh, why not?”

As my boy’s, Joe Pesci’s, character Leo Getz from the Lethal Weapon franchise says, “Okay, okay, okay,” whenever there’s a “versus” in a title, I’m hoping for a legitimate versus book and not just some way to have to characters butt heads a little and team up. And man-oh-man, it quite quickly turns out to be the latter from this issue’s first look at the overall title.

Of course, the first thing out of the gate whenever we’re talking Deadpool is a dose of comedy,

Art by Mike Henderson, Colors by Lee Loughridge

Declan Shalvey (writer) definitely has the “Merc with a mouth’s” voice down. Right from that encounter (above panel) alone, you feel like you’re reading Deadpool, whereas I know some writers can struggle with getting all of the voices right come dialogue.

Overall on introducing Deadpool into this issue, it was a great way. Even coming to [Old Man] Logan, as he bumps into him [Deadpool] and costs him the twenty-five bucks that the older lady promised to pay Deadpool if he’d “slap some sense into” the kids.

One thing that felt off to me about the issue was this feeling of dragging. Even with the dialogue and comedy being spot on in that scene, it still seemed like it went on too long. The pace of the entire issue felt that way, and it made it a tad bit of an uncomfortable read. This also translates to the [brief] versus between the two [Deadpool and Logan.]

Art by Mike Henderson, Colors by Lee Loughridge

Again, as I had said, with the title being DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN I expected to go into this issue seeing a bit of a bloodbath. To read two murder machines just unloading on each other, BUT once it finally got to them going at one another, it was over. This leaves the title itself to be very misleading, and ultimately falling [a little more than] lackluster.

The real positive of the issue was Mike Henderson’s (artist) art. His style really fits the Old Man Logan character, as well as being complimentary to Deadpool. He’s also great at the fight scenes [which there was few of in this issue.] So if I do decide to read the second issue, I hope to see more actual versus and get him shining with great battle choreography.

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I will admit that there was a subtle twist in this issue, although it was shattered quite quickly upon seeing the girl, MADDIE, about seven pages later. Mike led you to believe with this “tactical retrieval team” that they were coming for either Deadpool or Logan, though more so of Logan with the way his appearance was and the way he acted. But as I said, once the introduction of Maddie occurred, it was blatant as to who they were coming for.

I know I sound like a broken record with this, but this is also the turning point of it being a versus title and becoming a reluctant team-up.

True, this is a bit nit picky of me, but at the same time you are to expect what your “sold.” So when looking over the title as a whole; from the story to the art, and organic comedy sprinkled throughout, it wasn’t too bad of a first issue. Definitely not great, but okay.

You can grab this issue at your local comic shop, and DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN #2 will be shooting its way onto those same shelves Wednesday, November 15th,

If there’s one thing angsty teenage girls hate, it’s two older men fighting over her. In this case…it’s DEADPOOL vs. OLD MAN LOGAN! On a mission to save this new Omega-level mutant from pure evil…which regenerating hero will save Maddie first?

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