The clock has struck 11:57, and DOOMSDAY (CLOCK) is upon us! Geoff Johns (writer) and Gary Frank (artist) deliver the first issue of what’s probably been (one of) the most anticipated release since DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1. This title literally couldn’t be any bigger as it brings together the iconic WATCHMEN and the DC Universe. And let me be honest, I kind of look forward to anything that gets Alan Moore’s (creator of the Watchmen) panties in a knot.

But with that all being said, this issue under delivered big time for me.

Right out of the gate we’re [the readers] smacked in the face with a HEAVY dose of political commentary. The kind that seemed devised to be deliberate, and not organically used. This frustrates me, and that being because it doesn’t necessarily help the story, but rather can turn readers off who are reading comics to escape the daily hounding of politics.

It’s deliberate intentions were also very clear in some of the imagery that was chosen to be used. I’m not sure whether it was Johns or Frank’s decision, but the purposeful use of the National News Network name in order to look like the Nazi SS symbol was one of the more inflammatory images shown. It was clearly trying to strike nerves and play to the “radical” Left claim that President Donald Trump’s administration is fascist, as well as the constant “shouting” by Antifa and other PC/SJWing bases that he [President Trump] is “Hitler.”

Again, this is the type of politics that I hate being injected into comics. It’s very “standing on a soap box” and screaming your views and where you line up at the top of your lungs. It’s often the complaint that many fans have about Marvel, how their writers inject their political beliefs into their writing, and heavy handedly. The story being built around the politics instead of allowing the politics to be controlled by the story.

And we know this to be true since Johns said himself,

We debated whether we would ever want to do it, because it is a big job. We talked for six months, and the truth is, it wasn’t until the election, and post-election, that I called Gary and said, “I’ve got the complete story.”

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