After what I felt was an underwhelming first issue, I had taken the time to reread it twice more. I did so with the hopes that perhaps I just had my hopes set too high. But after doing so, I still found myself letting out a disappointed, “Meh,” and then proceeding to tell myself, “it’s only the first issue, Russ, nothing to get worried over.” Well, the clock has struck 11:57 twice, and the second issue is here.

I’m glad that I told myself there was nothing to worry about. Where Geoff Johns (writer) had the first issue too slow [for my taste] in both pacing and overall moving of the plot forward and told from a mostly partisan lens in regard to paralleling [both] political and simple events in reality to that of our own, this issue pulled back on the joystick and managed to avoid crashing into the ground. Almost a bit of a course correction, but in the aspect of understanding that going too heavy-handed in a somewhat unpopular area could spell doom.

One of my biggest questions out of the first issue was why Ozymandias had chosen Marionette and Mime. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they were so pivotal to the story. If I’m being honest, and let’s be real, I always am– it seemed a bit out-of-place. If you take that [first] issue at face value, they’d almost feel like throw aways. Of course, whenever a writer introduces characters like Johns had them, it’s usually clear that there’s a whole lot more behind said characters than what we’re initially seeing.

And this is where this issue paid off in comparison to the first,

Art by Gary Frank

Johns did a lot more story building. He answered my biggest, as we can see (above panel) that for some odd reason, [and even so to Rorschach and Ozymandias,] Dr. Manhattan spared them — Marionette and Mime.

Now this sets them up– or at least Marionette since I have this feeling Mime will bite the dust, but she’s [Marionette] being set up as a pivotal character in the story. She’s a piece to the puzzle, and one that Ozymandias is hoping to use in order to convince Dr. Manhattan to save their universe. I feel like there’s something with a child going on here. The close up shot of Marionette’s stomach, and the photograph of a young boy. I don’t know what just yet, but my gut [again] is turning and saying to keep an eye open.

Gary Frank (artist) did an absolutely amazing job on this issue. I didn’t realize it in the first, but his style is very much so similar to and reflects Dave Gibbons (artist.) It does make this title feel like it’s continuing where Alan Moore (writer, creator of WATCHMEN) and Gibbons left off.

Of course, I’m still waiting to see Moore’s freak out over this whole “event.” Fingers crossed everybody, it aught to be a good one.

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