If you recall, in my review for ELSEWHERE #1 (just click and read if you haven’t already) I wasn’t exactly blown away by it overall, but I was willing to give the next issue a read. I wanted more DB Cooper, more delving into what makes this world so “fantastic,” and some answers as to how Amelia and the others got stranded. And I was happy to get all three of those in some way or another.

I’m going to be honest, the reason that I stayed on instead of jumping out the plane (hey, heh, see where I’m going with this?) like DB Cooper, was because of DB. I do love the mystery behind Amelia Earhart, but there’s just something else to the beast of a mystery that is DB. And I loved that this issue delves into what happened with him, and Amelia, in how they went “missing” and ended up in this fantastic world.

Art by Sumeyye Kesgin, Colors by Ron Riley

Jay [Faerber] did an awesome job at writing DB. He definitely has the character’s voice down pat. Making him this slick, arrogant thief really pays off. Also having him aware of who Amelia [her story] is, I believe, is going to play out over this arc in the manner of her coming to understand who DB Cooper actually is. I definitely expect there to be some betrayal to take place, and even maybe DB managing to get a “plane ticket” out of this world in DB fashion.

Something that definitely peaked my interest this issue was how we came to find out that  Lord Kragen seems to fear Amelia. I didn’t like that his fear is derived from a “prophecy,” just because at this point that method is a bit over saturated in storytelling. We’ve seen it a dozens times over from the likes of Star Wars to Harry Potter, and I’d have much more preferred that Kragen’s fear was the result of being someone from our world and landing in this one similar to Amelia, Fred and DB. I think it would give a more in-depth plot instead of this “easy” way out. That said though, I’m very curious to see what the prophecy foretold exactly, and why it makes Kragen believe Amelia must be eliminated.

Art by Sumeyye Kesgin, Colors by Ron Riley

Here’s a little guess on my part as to what the prophecy foretold… I’m thinking that it said a woman [Amelia] would arrive in their world, and she would defeat Lord Kragen and free those he’s oppressed, perhaps even ascend to the throne, herself.

I’d like to take this moment to touch on something I said in my review for the #1, that being Sumeyye [Kesgin’s] art is “too stylized for my tastes.” Well, it’s quickly growing on me. This issue really benefited from the art. It plays well into this world they’re in, and definitely makes the issue fun to read, and that’s not taking away from the story.

The lack of moving forward on finding Fred [Noonan] this issue was unfortunate, because I was hoping for the story to make some headway in that plot, BUT the way they touched on his character was a nice touch for the book. Having DB suggest that Amelia and Fred were lovers, and her denying his accusation definitely lends to that possible relationship, and I’ve always felt that there was something between them. I expect that to play out further through the coming issues, and especially so when they finally find Fred, which I wouldn’t be surprised to see them kiss when they do.

Art by Sumeyye Kesgin, Colors by Ron Riley

The ending to each issue has been a strong point for both, as Jay and Sumeyye really deliver an ending that makes you want to pick up the next issue. They did it with the first in DB Cooper and now with this swarm. It actually ends the issues on a much higher note that the issues reached throughout everything before it.

You can pick up this issue at your local comic shop, and ELSEWHERE #3 will be landing on the same shelves on Wednesday, October 4th.


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