There’s one thing that I look forward to the most when I’m reading a title, and that’s if it gets better with each issue. A solid book that I’m going to be picking up monthly [or heaven forbid bi-weekly] must get better with each issue, or at least remain the same great quality. If it goes backward in any way, it gets ’86ed from my pull-list. I was skeptical of how ELSEWHERE was going to be, and #2 gave me a quick jab, saying, “Hey now, don’t you count me out,” and boy-oh-boy am I glad that I didn’t.

After the first two issues, I was okay with this title being solely about Amelia and DB. Jay Faerber (writer) has done a great job [so far] at weaving the title around these two iconic– hell, I say legendary characters. But this issue, like its predecessors, has managed to meld real history into this fantastic world that’s been created.

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