Roughly a week ago– eh, more or less, and honestly it’s more than less, I had reviewed the GENERATIONS: IRONHEART AND IRON MAN issue and if you recall, I still wasn’t at all satisfied with the direction Marvel is headed with LEGACY. Though, I did still have hope that the rest of these GENERATIONS one-shots, or whatever they really are, would do a much better job at redirecting the ship and steering it to a much more promising horizon. Sadly it seems that “confused” is where they [Marvel] currently want to be headed.

Unlike the IRONHEART AND IRON MAN issue, I wasn’t feeling the art on this one. Art is a big factor in a comic’s success. If it doesn’t look good to the reader, that in by itself could be the final nail in the coffin for the issue. I’m not trying to take anything away from Brent Schoonover (artist,) but for me, it wasn’t a positive check mark the issue had like the former of these two.

Having only read two GENERATIONS thus far, the plot device that they’re going with by having the character “plucked” out of the point in time they were in [which I’d assume was the ending of SECRET EMPIRE] and thrust either forward (in Ironheart’s case) or backward (in Carol’s) through time isn’t very effective. I get that Marvel wants to, I guess, go back to the roots of their characters– where have I heard that before… OH, that’s right *COUGH* DC REBIRTH. *COUGH* But, but I digress, so allow me to get back on track by saying that they could’ve done a much better job at that than these almost “filler issues” to go back to their roots.

A negative out of this issue was the missed opportunities of instantaneous capitalization on the destruction that was left behind from SECRET EMPIRE. That alone could’ve been used to bring these characters — who I’ve been saying for the last 5 [or so] years that Marvel‘s lost touch on who they really are and what they stand for — back to who and what fans of them have loved them for.

Now I’m not too familiar with Margaret Stohl’s (writer) work, but her writing was a weak point of the issue. She tried to use comedy to make light of both the desolation and danger that Carol was in, and that can be a successful tool, but in order for it to be it has to be sold well, and this wasn’t. Whenever there was comedy [which was a lot,] it came off as forced instead of organic, as well as sub par like this line, “Sounds like someone needs saving, and even somewhere over the rainbow.”

One thing that I did love from this issue was the double page spread where Captain Mar-vell is recalling a portion of his back story,

Art by Brent Schoonover, Colors by Jordan Boyd

I felt like this was the only real point in the entire issue’s story that was genuine. And by “genuine,” I mean having a purpose and knowing what it’s result was supposed to be unlike the overall issue, [again.]

In that same vein, like the IRONHEART AND IRON MAN issue where it felt confused and lacked this feeling of knowing what it was setting up from there on out, this issue suffered greatly from a similar feeling of being confused. I don’t know if it was because of Margaret’s writing, or Brent’s way of conveying that through his art, but there was this form of “jumping.” Reading this issue and coming across these jumps literally made me flip the page back, because I thought maybe I missed something, or the pages were stuck together. Having the story jump from one point to the next so abruptly, like it does, left the pace feeling scattered.

And just as I feared…

Art by Brent Schoonover, Colors by Jordan Boyd

The building up of ANNIHILUS, and making him appear as this very powerful villain, was ultimately for nothing. True, he did backhand the shit out of Captain Mar-vell, but within just a few panels they defeated him like nothing. And that adds to this issue feeling even more like a filler.

Unfortunately, one of the worst issues I’ve read in a while.

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