I think one of the things I say the most when I’m talking about comics is that GREEN ARROW is the most consistent and hands down the best book out of REBIRTH– it’s 100% true. The creative team of Benjamin Percy (writer,) Otto Schmidt (artist,) Juan Ferreyra (artist) and company are legitimately pumping out A+ quality week in and week out (technically every other week, but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t mind it every week.) This issue brings us one step closer to the finale of the “Hard-Traveling Hero” arc, and it simultaneously answered my prayers!

There has been a couple of things that I’ve been asking DC Comics to bring back that were lost in the mix with the NEW52, and I’d say that the #1 thing on that list was reuniting the Emerald Duo of Oliver Queen and my favorite character of ALL time… Hal Jordan!

Ben delivered for me– well, not technically for me personally, I don’t think, but hey let’s just run with it like he did. Last issue Batman suggested to Ollie that he calls in some help by putting up a signal of his own, and the signal we saw was none other than the iconic Green Lantern symbol. I had practically thrown the book out of my hands then, but that doesn’t seem to equate to how satisfied I was with this issue.

One of my favorite things about this run is the villain, the Ninth Circle, and how dangerous they are both on paper and in person. You know you got a real threat when you have to call in members of the Justice League to help you, and even more so when Ollie had to mend his relationship with the Greatest Lantern of them ALL— Hal, and travel into space to get to the core of the problem.

Art & Colors by Otto Schmidt

I know this is most likely recency bias, but I can’t think of a moment in recent comics where the dialogue between two characters was perfect like Ben delivered here (panel above.) He had already captured the voice of the Emerald Archer” for the last thirty issues, but to nail Ollie and Hal’s riffing, and most importantly their bromance, in a single issue is amazing!

Okay, okay, okay, I might have fibbed a little when I said a few moments ago that seeing Ollie and Hal reunite as the Emerald Duo was number-one on my list of things I wanted out of REBIRTH– that spot actually belonged to us — the Green Arrow and Black Canary fans — getting the Emerald Archer” and “Pretty Bird” back together as one of the best couples in the DCU. But that aside, seeing Dinah and Emi leading the subplot of this arc has been a treat.

Art & Colors by Otto Schmidt

It’s been a great way of keeping Dinah and Emi relevant while Ollie’s off on the main portion of the story. Normally in a book, sub-characters– I honestly hate referring to Black Canary, and even Emi, as sub-characters, but that’s kind of what they are in the overall story, they’d get lost if not outright left out of the story. BUT Ben did what he does so well, and that’s tell a story where all the characters fit seamlessly into and benefit it instead of just being dropped in and out-of-place.

I’m going to take a moment here to gush over the one-and-only’s, Otto Schmidt (artist,) art in this issue and the entire run thus far– so indulge me if you would. His style is quite unique, and has this ability to capture the characters in an embracing form. It kind of has this “new school” vibe to it, and it works so well with the Green Arrow cast of characters. I was especially happy to see how awesome Otto’s Hal looks, and he definitely has a way with drawing the space-adventure side that leans in the Lantern corner of the DCU.

You can pick up GREEN ARROW #30 at your local comic shop now, and GREEN ARROW #31 hits the same shelves on Wednesday, September 20th,

“HARD TRAVELING HERO” finale! For a year Oliver Queen has been one step behind the Ninth Circle. Now he knows why: an orbiting fortress from which the super-villain financial empire secretly spies, steals, buys, sells and kills everyone and everything Green Arrow needs to defeat them. And. It. Is. Going. DOWN. It’ll take the whole Justice League to clean up the mess in this epic conclusion to the most star-studded GREEN ARROW story ever!

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