Ah, GREEN ARROW’s back and it feels so good! Yeah, picture me singing that with my deep, amazing voice that would make an angel cry tears of– no, no, don’t do that. I have to much respect for you all to retain your hearing. Though, what you should picture and understand is that the best book out of REBIRTH, GREEN ARROW, is BACK! I know that only two weeks ago was the last issue, but that was a tie-in and doesn’t count as much as the regular bi-weekly story. BUT now we got back to the meat of the title!

Art by Jamal Campbell

I want to get this out in the open right off the bat, and that being that it wasn’t the normal art team. Juan [Ferreyra] and Otto [Schmidt] sat this one out, and Jamal Campbell (artist) came in out of the sky and slam-freaking-dunked it! His style played well in this issue, and he definitely has a wonderful eye for the love scenes. Jamal captured Ollie and Dinah– for a lack of a better word, perfectly.

Jamal’s style is definitely different from our reigning champs, Juan and Otto, but I think that’s what helped this issue so much. Gave a bit of a breath of fresh air– I’m not saying it needed it, because I could read all my comics with Juan and Otto drawing them. It was more of an unexpected good thing.

I think some books that are always hitting on all cylinders need a moment to breath. Otherwise there’s that concern of them burning out, and man, I don’t want GREEN ARROW burning out.

Seeing Ollie and Dinah finally come back together after the “Hard-Travelling Hero” arc was great. I know I sound like a broken record with this point, but that was the one thing that mattered to me going into REBIRTH, that Oliver and Dinah got back together. I sincerely feel that their relationship is as important as Superman and Lois, Barry and Iris, Hal and Carol and of course… Batman and Gotham City.

I do feel like this title is not just a GREEN ARROW book, but in fact a GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY and let me make this clear, that is a perfect thing.

Art by Jamal Campbell

I wish you all could’ve seen my face when it became blatantly apparent that the Ninth Circle is STILL in play! I said in my review of GREEN ARROW #31 that it was the perfect wrap up to this villainous group, and it could’ve been, BUT seeing that Ben [Percy] is keeping them alive and still the moving force of the plot makes me smile from ear to ear! This group reminds me on such a massive level of the Court of Owls from Scott Snyder (writer) and Greg Capullo’s (artist) run on BATMAN.

That’s one of the highest forms of praise right there, because I can see this group going as big as the COO. I’m beyond curious to see how far the Ninth Circle can go on the Ben-Juan-Otto run, which I will praise from the tippy top of the highest mountain in the existence of the multiverse.

And of course there’s the HUGE reveal at the end,

Art by Jamal Campbell

Yes, it was no huge reveal to us [the readers,] but for Ollie to find out that his mother is still alive– we’re looking forward to some absolutely amazing story coming at us. A few questions were raised,

  1. Does Moira know Oliver is the Green Arrow?
  2. [If she does] is she coming to him for help from the Ninth Circle?
  3. How long will it be before Ollie realizes his mother is evil?

This issue was definitely a set up issue. Pouring all of the pieces to the puzzle out in front of us, and going forward we’re going to be seeing something awesome assembling before our eyes, I guarantee it– well, not literally, but you know what I mean.

I kind of wish this issue was a little longer, and that we could get a bit of a bigger glimpse into some of the scenes, but that’s where Ben and team succeed compared to many of the other creative teams out there with DC Comics. He knows how to give us just enough that we fall in love and want more. This issue personified that for me.

You can pick this issue up at the nearest comic shop, and GREEN ARROW #34 will be hitting shelves Wednesday, November 1st,

“THE TRIAL OF TWO CITIES” part two! It’s a revelation Ollie Queen could never have imagined, even in his darkest dreams. Long thought dead, his mother, Moira, is alive; she’s a leader of the Ninth Circle; she’s responsible for destroying Seattle; and because of Green Arrow, her partners are going to kill her. Moira needs Ollie’s protection, not just from any assassin: she is the former lover of Moira’s late husband. She is the mother of Ollie’s half-sister, Emiko. She is Green Arrow’s deadliest enemy. She is Shado.

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