This arc, “Fall of the Gods,” was enough to draw me back into HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS after I had got on and off of the title more times than a bull rider does the number of bulls in his career– obviously I’m hyperbolizing there. But in all seriousness, this issue was exactly what I was hoping for it to be. It did a nice job at wrapping up one of the better arcs of the run [thus far,] even though I do have some small complaints.

“FALL OF THE GODS” part four! The Green Lantern Corps draws the line between the Godkiller Robots and the Source Wall. If they give an inch, the Corps gets pushed into the wall and the Godkiller Robots pull Yuga Khan free, plunging the New Gods into devastation.

Again, Rafa Sandoval’s (artist) on this arc was a true standout. Having him on this title has been a Godsend, and his art shined in this issue. He was able to really bring out the massive disadvantage the Green Lantern Corps was at against these “machine monstrosities,” as HIGHFATHER called them– still cracks me up. This [again] takes me back to one of my original points from my review of HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #26 with the fact that Rafa’s design for these characters was perfectly done.
And for real, Rafa has this way with amazing outer-space scenes,

Art by Rafa Sandoval, Inks by Jordi Tarragona, Colors by Tomeu Morey

His ability to give something so awe striking is exactly what this book demands, and he meets it every time. Having him as the second artist of the creative team for this book, and beside the legendary Ethan Van Sciver (artist) makes for a constant slobber knocking of eye-gasming beauty every issue.

Now, unfortunately, comes one of my complaints… that being that it was exactly what I feared, and these “METAL Golems” were nothing more than one-offs. They were a basic plot pusher, and this issue was them serving their purpose and being taken out to the trash. Now I understand we can’t always get characters who are going to be more than a plot device, and stay around for decades [and decades] to come, but with how much they were built up, I was hopeful they would’ve lasted.

And not to beat a dead horse– which I’m sure Scott Snyder (writer) would love, with his deep seeded hatred for horses and all, but I’m gonna slide right into my second complaint, because it’s more of one that’s two folds. The fact that they were so easily defeated, and their weakness was like the Death Star’s from Star Wars Episode IV with the exhaust pipe. It felt too easy after building them [the “machine monstrosities”] up to such a huge degree. It appeared simply like PIS.

Those complaints aside,

Art by Rafa Sandoval, Inks by Jordi Tarragona, Colors by Tomeu Morey

Robert Venditti (writer) did another great job at giving us an overall solid issue. Despite me wishing this arc was an issue [or two] longer, he brought everything from issue twenty-six to present together and wrapped it up in a nice bow. He continues to show an equal to Geoff Johns (writer) understanding and grasp on Hal, and gives us those perfect Hal moments (like the double page spread shown above.)

Something I do think that went under the radar was the way Rob touched on the father/son relationship. From the interaction between Hal and Martin [Jordan] in last issue to the way this issue wrapped up with Hal giving some words of wisdom to Highfather on how he can make up for any wrongs, and how much of his father [YUGA KHAN] is in him. It brings a deep sentimental touch to the arc that might not have really changed it much if it weren’t in, but definitely benefitted it for being there.

You can fly your construct jet to your local comic shop and pick this issue up now, and HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #30 will be out Wednesday, October 11th,

“MIND GAMES” part one! After reports of Sinestro’s return begin to spread, Hal Jordan travels to Earth looking to bring in his one-time Green Lantern partner. But a manhunt turns into a fight for his life as Hal must face the unmatchable power of the Man of Steel.

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