General Zod is primarily known as a Superman villain, thanks to Superman II as well as countless comic books. However, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #39 firmly establishes him as well as Ursa and Lor, his wife and child respectively, as enemies of the Corps as well.

In the previous issue, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner had been taken prisoner by Zod, his family, and The Eradicator on the planet Jekuul, which he has taken as his new seat of power. The Eradicator confiscated both of their rings and has been studying them to find out everything possible about what the Green Lantern Corps knows. However, Hal’s ring escapes due to his unique connection to it and he wills it to take Kyle back to Oa to let the rest of the Corps know what is happening with Zod.

Issue 39 provides an interesting take on Zod. He’s still unmoving in his zeal to remake Krypton, but his approach has softened somewhat with the birth of Lor. Whereas previously he wanted to resurrect Krypton because of his desire to rule, now he wants Krypton to be reborn so his son may know his heritage and his people. Zod now wants to preserve his race so future generations can know it’s greatness, something Hal can understand due to the incident where Coast City was destroyed by Mongul. It’s also established that a member of the Green Lantern Corps was partially responsible for Krypton’s demise, not acting in time or effectively enough to keep the planet from exploding. This serves to make the House of Zod’s grudge against the Green Lantern Corps very, very personal.

Back on Oa, Kyle arrives with Hal’s ring on his finger, positively overflowing with energy. John Stewart immediately puts him in containment until his condition stabilizes, and Kyle tells John and Guy Gardner about Zod’s return and his plans. While Guy wants to go in and immediately rescue Hal, John decides to advise the Guardians of the situation and get their input as to how to proceed. The Guardians, however, seem to get mired in deliberation and bureaucracy to the point of inaction, erring on the side of caution to the point where John wishes for “the good old days” where The Guardians simply acted. John, understandably frustrated with their lack of action, storms out of the Guardians chambers.

Meanwhile Guy Gardner, accompanied by fellow Green Lanterns such as Kilowog and others, releases Kyle from containment (who is apparently gaining some of Hal’s mannerisms while he’s wearing his ring, to hilarious results) and they quickly depart to Jekuul to confront Zod, Ursa and Lor after making quick work of their worshippers.

The art style in this book is fantastic, with the artwork of Rafa Sandoval, inks by Jordi Tarragona and eye-catching colors by Tomeu Morey showcasing the power of the Corps as well as the majesty of Zod’s fortress on Jekuul. Robert Venditti‘s writing is stellar, showing a different side of Zod while still making him formidable and determined in his chosen path to bring Krypton back from extinction.