This arc, “Twilight of the Guardians,” has really been hitting on all cylinders. Each issue managing to pick up from the last, and it brought back that “I can’t wait for the next” interest in a Green Lantern book [for me] that’s been pretty much hit or miss here lately. HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #35 was a definite must read for me going into it, and it didn’t disappoint as it [further] sets up the coming collision.

Art by Jack Herbert, Colors by Jason Wright

I will say that, though, where the arc has been foot on the gas the entire time, and this issue keeps true to that, Robert Venditti (writer) pumps the brake at the end. Now, he’s always had a good feeling for when an arc needs to slow down, almost like when your car warns you that you’re running low on gas, but this wasn’t exactly that. This was more of a move to give [the arc] another issue.

Now, now, now, I can see you lighting torches. Don’t go and get your pitchforks, because I liked this issue a lot. Venditti continues to tell the four Corpsmen in a light that makes each of them shine perfectly so in their own way. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that will be the encompassing glory of the entire arc.

Art by Jack Herbert, Colors by Jason Wright

I don’t know if I’m dense, or if my pro-wrestling fan card will be revoked, but I didn’t get the tip of the cap to the Four Horsemen until John Stewart made it apparent. I guess it should’ve been when Guy Gardner says, “We’re the FOUR CORPSMEN,” but the lead up to it [for me] wasn’t an “Oh snap, a Four Horsemen tip of the cap” moment exactly.

Oh, oh, you got the pitchforks now? Come on, I really meant it when I said I liked this issue a lot. Beside my nitpickiness with the ending and that aforementioned, I think it was a good way of creating something that was used later on to unify them when their backs were literally against the wall.

Now, the ending of the issue has our four Corpsmen ready to lay a beating on the Controllers, and that appears to be the cliffhanger of the issue. Hell, it directly sets up next issue– BUT, but hold on, give me a second of your time to point you to what I find to be the real cliffhanger of the issue,

Art by Jack Herbert, Colors by Jason Wright

It’s Sayd.

We see that Kellic has chosen her to be the next turned into a Controller, as a way to make Ganthet suffer even more. Side note here, this whole subplot of Ganthet and Kellic’s seeming hate for one another is really deep, and does give the arc another layer of depth that I don’t see being talked about much. But back to the regularly scheduled theory here… that being how Sayd was chosen, and from what we last saw, she was being moved into the Genetic Harvester.

I’m curious to see if Venditti does something huge next issue, and if that’s he has Sayd turned into a Controller. I think it’d be a massive plot twist, and would definitely do some damage to Ganthet. We could see some interesting story spin of it, and perhaps tie back into Somar-Le, which had made Ganthet desire to have children with Sayd.

So okay! Torches out? Pitchforks down? See, I was fair here. Overall, Venditti’s story outweighs any negative I had. Jack Herbert (artist) did another solid job on this issue, as his style almost seems to be a combination of Ethan Van Sciver (artist) and Rafa Sandoval (artist,) which I enjoy.

This issue is on the shelves of a comic book shop nearest you, and HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #36 will be coming at you like Hal’s fist on Wednesday, January 10th,

“TWILIGHT OF THE GUARDIANS” finale! In the explosive finale, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner face down the Controllers to save Ganthet and the other Guardians from extinction. The fate of this battle decides who protects the universe or who controls it!

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