DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event has introduced a plethora of twisted versions of Batman, each with a power of various members of the Justice League, save one… Hawkman. While it may seem like an oversight, the reason for this is made very apparent in the HAWKMAN FOUND tie-in issue.

Each of the tie-ins for the Dark Multiverse Batmen has a distinctive horror movie feel to it: Dawnbreaker feels like “Paranormal Activity” or “Poltergeist” for example, while The Batman Who Laughs has a decided Hellraiser or Saw franchise feel. Hawkman Found, however, feels more like one of the good M. Night Shyamalan movies. Carter Hall’s plight, his journey and the reveal at the end are excellently done, with Jeff Lemire’s writing and the always amazing Bryan Hitch’s pencils doing a fantastic job of using Hawkman’s lives in a way that seems recognizable but also distorted.

Dark Nights: Metal is one of my favorite story events this year from DC, and it is well on its way to being one of my favorites ever. However, the tie-in issues are where this series really shines. They each make you wonder what other Dark Multiverse versions would be like of other characters, which opens up lots of future storytelling possibilities.

Hawkman Found #1 is clever, exciting, and saddening all at various points of the issue.

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