I’ve been a HUGE fan of artist and inker extraordinaire, Jeremy Haun, for quite some time now. I’ve been, and like to think, a very vocal advocate about how great his work is, and making sure that everyone I know (and don’t) knows about him and to be buying his books.

Review: I'm hyped for Jeremy Haun’s “THE REALM,” and why you should be, too
Art by Jeremy Haun, Colors by Nick Filardi

I had first came across Jeremy’s back in 2013 when he was drawing CONSTANTINE for DC Comics. Sure, I was a bit late to the party and to board the Haun-train that’s full of all ten levels of awesomeness, but no matter, I haven’t missed a beat since.His style is one of the cleanest and crispest I’ve seen of any penciler and inker. His work on his creator owned book out of Image Comics, THE BEAUTY, which follows those who are infected by a sexually transmitted disease – which shares the same name as the title of the book – that turns them into “beautiful people, is a prime example of what I’m talking about. It’s beautiful. Jeremy has a way of telling a story through the characters he draws that connects with you, and makes you feel you could have a beer with them. Most notably for me is Detective Vaughn from THE BEAUTY. She’s a foul mouth, beautiful red head that doesn’t take anyone’s shit. I’m sure she’d kick almost any dude’s ass, too.

His work ethic, and attention to detail in making sure you get an A+ end result is one of the many reasons why he’s must follow. It also sets the tone for what’s to come as he’d been teasing a new project.

Initially, over a year or so, there was no name or many details other than what we could see from WIPs and “desk shots” to this new project. Though, for me personally, the WIPs and desk shots were enough to hook and reel me in. Maybe because I’m bias toward Jeremy, but I much rather like to think that it’s because the product speaks for itself. The little bit we were getting was setting the stage to this new world. Many post apocalyptic looking images. The characters each appeared like they’d spent years in this chaotic ruin. Again, the art speaks for itself. It has a way of telling the story without dialogue, and that is sometimes a rare thing to come by.

Character designs are one of the bigger parts of a comic’s success. That’s the first thing that a reader sees, and if they aren’t pleased with what they’re seeing, then they most likely won’t bother. No worry on this end, because that’s something that Jeremy excels at. When we look to his characters, and to the past work he’s done on preexisting characters, we see that he has a way of capturing our intrigue with how stunning the characters are. Even everything around the characters like the buildings, and even the streets are eye candy. It’s a call back to when I said that he’s one of the cleanest and crispest in the business.

Review: I'm hyped for Jeremy Haun’s “THE REALM,” and why you should be, too
Art by Jeremy Haun

Then BAM, we got the long awaited news that this project was going to be published out of Image Comics, along with its title – THE REALM – and a synopsis:

“Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth: orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors that threw the entire planet into total chaos. Today, the shattered remnants of civilization must fight tooth and nail to survive in a deadly new era of violence and mayhem.”

Now come on, Orcs? Dragons? And numerous other mythological creatures that are all in the same story? Holy hell, YES! As a comic book fan, this hits everything I want to read about outside of the “super” quality worlds of DC and Marvel. And combine with the talent that is behind this book, it’s a radar-bleeping machine, because it’s top of the list of what’s to be hitting shelves.

Though, currently, the post apocalyptic genre is very big. It’s being explored a lot in movies, books and the TV, which does make it a smart move on Jeremy and Seth’s part to tell a story that takes place in such a world. It’s also a ballsy move to tackle such a saturated topic, not knowing whether or not yours will be enough to peak the interests of possible consumers. This to me tells us that these two great creators – Jeremy and Seth – are confident in their product. It’s showing that they aren’t going to be putting out something just to put it out, but because they have a kick ass story with an awesome cast of characters and want us to delve in and get away from the chaos going on out in the world around us.

I’m hyped for this book. We have on the horizon the perfect combination of a great writer and an awesome artist. From the sneak peaks we’ve seen, and from a “child’s dream brought to life” of a synopsis, the hype meter is broken. If you’re a comic fan, or even just someone who loves amazing art and/or stories then you too should be absolutely stoked for this. It’s the equivalent of that perfect present under the Christmas tree that you’re itching to get at on Christmas morning, and this metaphorical Christmas isn’t that far away.

Make sure to tell your local comic shop that you want THE REALM, and be prepared for the ride of your life come September 13th when this book hits a shelf near you!


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