I’ve been reviewing most of every GENERATIONS issue Marvel‘s put out, and each one was supposed to be building to this massive event known mostly as… LEGACY. Now, I think it’s fair to point out that all but ONE issue of the GENERATIONS that I read– well, they pretty much sucked. They lacked direction, and made it feel like Marvel still had no clue where they were headed. The thing that concerned me the most was that the writing was subpar at best, and when the worst, it made the issue nigh unreadable.

Despite the lack of direction, questionable writing and overall feeling of confusion in LEGACY’s predecessors, I see the silver lining of hope out in the distance after reading MARVEL LEGACY #1.

It’s no secret that I’m a DC Comics [and Image Comics] guy, and that I don’t relate with almost any Marvel character, BUT there’s something that trumps my bias– a great story with great writing. And I feel we got just that in MARVEL LEGACY #1. It was a true three-sixty from what the GENERATIONS were, and it finally gave me what I’ve been looking for… a metaphorical north star for Marvel to be guided by in where they’re going.

Right out of the gate, I loved how Jason Aaron (writer) gave us this 1,000,000–B.C.-esque style Avengers,

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