After reading OLD MAN LOGAN #31 mainly because of its absolutely stunning cover, I told myself that I was going to give the next issue [#32] a shot. There were definitely things about last [issue] that I wasn’t too big on, which I saw going into this issue as room for improvement. And I was pleasantly surprised how much better the overall story was, and the strides in plot that pushed it along.

Art by Mike Deodato Jr., Colors by Frank Martin and Carlos Lopez

Last issue had me a bit confused with where the “regenix” aspect of the story was going. Ed Brisson (writer) seemed to be pulling it in what felt like a thousand different directions. Seeing Brisson give it [regenix] more of a focused look definitely fleshed out a huge portion of the plot for me.

Something that I fear with this story, is that the use of the Hand makes it very one-dimensional in the fact that only so much can happen before we see the same thing again and again. For instance, the use of regenix and making it nigh impossible for Logan to cut them down without them regrowing their limbs and coming right back at him. That gets stale very quick, and I kind of already let out a sigh when it happened in this issue, like, “Oh, here we go again.”

Art by Mike Deodato Jr., Colors by Frank Martin and Carlos Lopez

Now, the addition of Scarlet Samurai does add another layer to the basic telling of the plot. I would’ve liked to just see Logan and her go at it in this issue, but wasn’t surprised the ninjas got involved.

If you recall from my previous review [of last issue,] I had said something along the lines of that Mike Deodato Jr.’s (artist) work wasn’t for me. That it fell kind of flat. I also made a point about how having Mukesh Singh (artist) do the cover of that issue kind of put Deodato at a disadvantage in my mind.

Well, that was a billion-percent the case here. Not only did Deodato’s style grow on me the more I read this issue, I like it. His unique grid technique that gives this “dead-space” to the panels has a way of focusing on certain things, which make them stand out.

Frank Martin (colorist) and Carlos Lopez (colorist) also put a lot of work in this issue, as it felt more vibrant to me. There was definitely more of a crispness to the characters than the previous, as Scarlet Samurai really popped. Logan, too, didn’t seem to be blurry, which I felt could’ve been apart of the turnoff for me when it came to the art last time.

Art by Mike Deodato Jr., Colors by Frank Martin and Carlos Lopez

I’m faced with a double-edged sword critique here; as I’m much the fan of Logan’s regenerative mutation slowing with his old age, but in the same breath, I find the scene [above panel] where his hand is severed to be irking.

This does show to a degree my lack of knowledge when it comes to Marvel, but I know there are things that are capable of cutting through Adamantium, and that could be the reasoning behind the severing of his hand. This is where the issue lacked, as there wasn’t a ton of context filling in the blanks that would help a reader along and give some much-needed explanation. It doesn’t really affect the overall issue, but it is something that’s a bit repeat-ish from the previous issue.

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Probably my favorite part of the issue was the unexpected return of Silver Samurai. I had said in my previous review how his character could’ve been very useful to the plot, and an unlikely team-up of Logan and he might be good for the issue. So when I saw him “killed” it was a bit of a bummer, and so his return was that perfect doze of shock and laugh.

The use of organic comedy played well off of what was in general a funny moment of him “reviving” in the trash. Hearing him complain about them [the Hand] not even attempting to revive him and make him one of their ninjas, how insulted he was, it topped off nice with the… I’m not exactly sure who the older man was, but him [literally] losing his head over their encounter.

From seeing Silver Samurai storm off, I can only assume my hopes of a team-up between him and Logan is quite likely.

You can pick this issue up at your closest comic shop, and OLD MAN LOGAN #33 will be hitting shelves Wednesday, January 10th,

SCARLET SAMURAI Part 3! THE HAND are unstoppable (and unkillable?!)! What’s the SCARLET SAMURAI really after? LOGAN must relive one of his most painful memories in order to survive!

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