As Joe Pesci’s character, Leo Getz, said in the iconic franchise Lethal Weapon, “Okay, okay, okay,” I know these SAGA reviews feel a bit repetitive. They might even seem a little like I’m just copying, pasting and editing the issue “#” to the current, but I swear I’m not. SAGA is just truly this good. It’s probably the strongest overall book out every month. And it’s no different come CHAPTER FORTY-SEVEN, as this issue [yet again] hit it out of the park.

I believe I said it in one of my previous reviews of SAGA, how I jumped on it kind of late, but this issue definitely makes me absolutely happy that I did jump on at all instead of just ignoring it. Even with this issue being a bit like a filler issue, it did an amazing job at setting up this next arc.

Something that I absolutely love about this series is Fiona’s [Staples] (artist) designs for its characters. Her style on its own is a very unique and like no other artist’s, which can be quite rare in the comic book community; as there are artists like Jason Fabok whose style is a bit more redefined Jim Lee, and then there’s Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra who are very similar and Andrea Sorrentino whose style is very much like the phenomenal Esad Ribic. Now that’s not taking away from any of these amazing talents, but it does make Fiona stand out just a bit more.

This brings us to IANTHE, and reflects how very unique Fiona’s style is adds this extra layer of sci-fi fantasy to the universe that is SAGA.

Art by Fiona Staples

Her [Ianthe] character was a very interesting addition to the cast of characters, and she definitely made a splash in her first issue. Now sure, THE WILL [a.k.a. Billy,] hasn’t quite been the same since he was stabbed in the neck, but still, for her to have him “tied up” and hooked up to a VCR– alright, first things first, for those who aren’t old enough to know what a VCR is, you’re making me feel SUPER OLD, and second, yeah, I’m serious when I said she has him hooked up to a VCR. But I do digress, so back to my point of her having an extreme upper hand on The Will, and it does give credence to her character being a force not to be messed with.

Now, unfortunately she’ll most likely be easily dispatched as THE MARCH were, but I do expect Ianthe to shake up the status quo a bit. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a main character get 86’ed. That especially since the last issue had a very heavy message of not getting too attached to people, which leads me to believe its foreshadowing a BIG death that’s coming.

Art by Fiona Staples

I had said how this issue had a bit of a filler feel to it, and it did, but I think that’s one of the reasons I really enjoyed it. This issue was able to introduce a new character [Ianthe,] as well as give us some much-needed back story for The Will, and ultimately THE BRAND [Sophie, his sister.] There was some very grim realizations made, like Sophie was molested by her father. It was a bit of a dark part for the issue in comparison to the over the topness of Ianthe, but it was much needed to allow for the latter to be appreciated so much.

This back story also made it very apparent that watching his uncle, THE LETTER, kill his [The Will] father played a role, if not THE single biggest role in him becoming a freelancer. I, as a reader and a writer, love when we get the layers pulled back upon an already super interesting character to see what made them who they are. Brian [K. Vaughan] (writer) did an amazing job at that this issue, and really made me love The Will’s character that much more.

You can pick up this issue at your local comic shop, and SAGA CHAPTER FORTY-EIGHT will be flying onto the same shelves on Wednesday, October 25th,

END OF STORY ARC Ghüs and Squire have an adventure.


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