I’m a huge Lantern fan, and up until the last issue of SUPERMAN I hadn’t really given it any thought on picking it up. It was just one of the many books DC Comics put out with REBIRTH, that honestly, I didn’t have the time nor did its original solicit peak my interest enough to read it… BUT that had changed.  I found out Parallax — the Fear Entity — had taken over the “Man of Steel” and thus brought Hal’s greatest adversary, Thaal Sinestro, beating down Superman’s door,

“A MINUTE LONGER” part two! This looks like a job for…Sinestro?! Thrust into the anti-matter universe of Qward, Superman’s only hope is the former greatest of the Green Lanterns.

I went into this issue with high hopes, almost like Saint Walker was giving me a power boost with his Blue Power Ring, seeing “Big Blue” and the “Master of Fear” in the same book. Hell, on opposite sides, and so I rightfully was ready for a massive issue where they duked it out. That’s not even factoring in that Superman was the host of the Fear Entity… only for them [my hopes] to be shattered.

The issue started off pretty solid. We got a fraction of what I was hoping for with Super-llax taking it to Sinestro right out of the gate.

Art by Ed Benes, Tyler Kirkham and Philip Tan

Seeing these two powerhouses completely turn a town into what looked like a post war zone, with nothing but ruin as far as the eyes could see was everything, as a reader, I wanted in this issue. Seeing Sinestro get that pep back in his step after he had been seemingly blown to pieces in his last encounter with Hal, and believed to be dead. There’s this air in the first half or so of the issue where you can see the two testing each other, and that had potential to take Superman v Sinestro across a few issues.

Instead, this issue felt like filler. A throwaway, and that’s disappointing.

There was one true saving grace, which didn’t let the issue be a complete error in my eyes, and that being the scene where Sinestro delves deep within Superman for what he fears.

Art by Ed Benes, Tyler Kirkham and Philip Tan

Seeing that Keith Champagne (writer) had a solid grasp on why Superman’s fears are one of the founding things that makes him who he is was great. I loved the evolution of his character’s core, as it’s no longer made up of only not being able to save everyone, but that he fears losing Lois and Jon. It’s clear that this was highlight of the issue. It allows the readers to anchor onto something of Superman and connect with him.

Outside of the art, the issue quickly took a turn for the worst from that point on. I don’t believe Keith has a firm grasp on Sinestro, and instead of building him up in this issue to help propel the character in surely the coming arc of HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, it was almost as if he took him out by the legs.

Art by Ed Benes, Tyler Kirkham and Philip Tan

You can pick up this issue in your local comic shop now, and SUPERMAN #31 hits shelves on Wednesday, September 20th starting off a new arc,

Lois Lane is after the interview of a lifetime. The subject of her Daily Planet article… Deathstroke the Terminator. Determined to get “inside the mind of a killer”, Lois follows a trail of bodies across the globe and comes face to face with the ultimate assassin. But the encounter turns deadly and, with Superman half a world away, the interview of a lifetime could cost Lois Lane her life!

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