All James Jesse has ever wanted was to be remembered, but out of all the villains in The Flash‘s Rogues Gallery, The Trickster is widely considered the weakest and least effective. Appearances in the ’90s Flash TV show as well as cameos in the current show of the same name by legendary actor Mark Hamill notwithstanding, The Trickster has always been seen as more of a minor nuisance than any real threat. While Barry Allen and Wally West take him seriously, it’s always been rather difficult for anyone else to do the same. The Flash #68 changes all of that in a major way.

After harnessing some of the power of the Sage Force, kidnapping the citizens of Central City, and forcing them to walk through a device that forces them to only think happy thoughts below Iron Heights prison (yeah… you read that right), The Trickster forces Warden Wolfe to admit that he was being used as a guinea pig before his escape as well as burying all evidence of his escape. Using the situation to his advantage, he starts dating a member of the CCPD to get an inside track on the police force with the goal of setting the stage for his biggest comeback to date. After using Commander Cold’s freezing technology to spread the controlling effects of the Sage Force, The Flash is captured and knocked unconscious. What we see once Barry wakes up is something that nobody ever thought possible from The Trickster and elevates his status from “bit player” to “major threat” in an instant, and in a truly epic fashion.

Joshua Williamson once again does a fantastic job of continuing his story, updating villains and making them a true threat to Barry Allen and the rest of Central City. The artwork of Scott Collins, coupled with Luis Guerrero on colors, makes each page vibrant and colorful… everything you’d expect in an issue with The Trickster.

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