I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for the second issue of THE REALM since I finished my review of the inaugural #1, which I think everyone can agree was a stunning first issue– yeah, yeah, shameless plug for you to go read my first review if you haven’t, I know. But this, this is ALL about what is widely, eh, and by widely I mean– ME, considered as a “you better tell yo’ momma to read it” issue, because, DANG!

Once again, and I admit with hand held high, that I kind of was worried going into this issue. Believe me when I tell you that my bias high was still riding– well, high after THE REALM Signing Tour, and then I stopped through NYCC to get another hit of the epicness. So I knew that this issue was going to meet exactly what the first did… or so I thought.

There’s always one thing I praise Jeremy Haun (co-creator) of, and that’s consistency. That’s what I’m a billion percent sure of this title is all about on a what to expect month in and month out level. There’s probably only a true handful of books that are like this, and most are out of Image Comics. And of course that consistency has led to the birth of this absolutely amazing second issue.

The real stand out in this issue for me was the character building we saw. Though it was somewhat quick, we did get to learn quite a bit about our main cast of characters,

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