I will sing consistency’s praise until the end of days, and in THE REALM, consistency is king while it could literally be the end of any of our cast of characters’ days. I’m really proud with this book, and the way that this issue unfolded and immerses us even deeper within this fantastical world makes it pretty clear how why this title is a must read, and must buy.

I will say that I was a bit more pumped for this issue than the last, and that’s solely because of the cover. Seeing one of the most bad-ass shots of Ben really hyped this for me, but I know that alone isn’t the reason to be hyped for this title in general. No, that’s because this book is as solid, consistent and overall more well done than– eh, say 65% of the other books out on the shelf.

My feeling on THE REALM #1 and #2 in hindsight turns out that together they felt more like an “over sized number one,” and apart they felt like the former of the two was the intro issue and the latter the real first issue. Nothing wrong with that, and it definitely plays better at introducing us to the cast of characters while giving Will Nolan (who feels like the face of THE REALM) his dues with the number-one.

This brings us into THE REALM #3, because now the story is moving, and plot pieces are falling into place, like ELI. From the end of last issue when we first saw him, I got an off-putting feeling about his character and this issue doubled it down.

Art by Jeremy Haun, Colors by Nick Filardi

Eli appears to be the gang’s “savior.” Though, you get this heavy feeling that he isn’t telling the group anything, even when he’s leading them to “safety.” Will echoes my feeling, as he’s beyond skeptical of Eli and surely doesn’t trust him any further than he can throw him.

Now the rest of the gang (excluding Molly, because I don’t believe she trusts him either) are accepting of Eli. Doc Burke being the most vocal of them all as he made point, “This young man just saved our lives! Quit being so damned paranoid!” To me this is clearly setting up some sort of betrayal. Characters being willing to trust a complete stranger because he saved them, and thus placing power in his hands to do such.

The colors by Nick Filardi (colorist) were absolutely spot on in this issue. They amped up Jeremy Haun’s (artist) work, and just made certain panels pop like it was a purposefully planned jab. The way that those panels play off of the others that aren’t as in your face give you a great one-two combo hit that really make the overall title a powerhouse.

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