I know that you’re unable to see it, but I’m dancing right now. On the other side of your computer screen, I’m dancing. Why am I dancing? Well, that’s an easy answer– THE REALM is baaaaaaack, baby! This title is literally the most anticipated book on my monthly “fat stack” pull, and it’s rightfully so.

Looking at the list of books that also hit the shelves today (December 12th), you can see a large list of amazing talent on “it” books that have been around for years and years. Books that are household names. THE REALM manages to compete with those, and compete at the very top of the “best there (currently) is” level that these other writers/artists are working at for the BIG2 — DC Comics and Marvel. The last three issues have proven that, as they pull you further into the fantastical world that Will and crew are battling every day in, and I wouldn’t be still dancing if that wasn’t the case here.

If you recall, THE REALM #3 left us with our jaws on the floor. We saw a boy literally impaled! He was as dead as a dang doorknob.

Something I love about this title is how Seth M. Peck (co-creator) and Jeremy Haun (co-creator) keep the story flowing issue to issue, and that continued in this issue as we picked up right from that jaw dropper of an ending. We find ZACK DOA — dead on arrival — and what I can only draw the conclusion were zombies coming at Will and Molly. If you remember, Zack was running from a group of cloaked figures before taking a spear to the chest, it’s pretty obvious these “zombies” aren’t what he was running from, but they act as the “act or die” factor.

We quickly find out as Will and Molly are taking care of the nuisance, because I’m going to be honest here, and that’s all those “zombies” were. Gnats. We see Zack come back to life.

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