As a huge fan of The Realm and the brilliant minds that make up its creative team, I was beyond ecstatic when issue-7 hit shelves. Jeremy Haun and Seth M. Peck have (and continue to) managed to forge a transcending idea with their combination of the highly popculturized post-apocalyptic and the game of the nerd, Dungeons & Dragons.

Each issue pulls you into the world of The Realm, and each issue does so even deeper than the last. And that’s one of the strong points to this issue, despite the heavy sensation of it being a simple “filler issue.”

The way the overall tone of issue-7 was successful in holding at bay the dreaded groans of anyone who despises a pace deceleration was by (officially) introducing “the Red Queen”, NEERA!

She’s a character that when we first saw her emerging from a pool of blood, I kind of mistook her as Johnny transforming into a woman– I know, I know, completely stupid assumption, but I’m digressing.

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