I’m a colossal fan of Esad Ribić’s art. He’s a true master and a top-5 one at that, and thus I give any number-one he’s involved with a shot. Sort of like my (what some might call) obsession with Greg Capullo, great art is great art. You need to support it, otherwise who knows if it’ll always be around.

Well, I had given VS #1 a shot and was blown away by it. It was more than I was expecting, and it presented an absolutely interesting concept. Taking the combat sport (like UFC) into what some could argue might be its natural progression… war.

This issue further expanded on that concept. As we come to find that “districts” are fighting for advertisement rights. This really gets you thinking, even pondering whether this could be a legitimate thing in the future for us. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it (eventually) is.

The thing that took this issue for me to a new level was the focus on the series’ main character, SATTA FLYNN, who’s the top “gladiator”— or was. He was injured badly in the first issue, and since has got a prosthetic leg in replacement of his real one. You can see how the expectations place on Satta’s shoulders drive him.

The incident that caught my attention the most was how he sees that he’s no longer the “top dog” in this, well, game anymore. It’s a striking moment, and one of realization as well as based in an understanding of how life (and especially) war works in reality.

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Satta finds out first hand that the game kept moving despite his being sidelined.

Others came in, and took his place as well as other gladiators who were killed during their play. I’m curious to see how this will play in the series moving forward, if we’ll continue to be introduced to what will likely be an ever changing cast of supporting characters, or if those will be drown out in the central focus on Satta and the immediate cast like MOMMA.

The other thing this series has going for it is the “ads”. Hell, the purpose of this war-based combat sport is that these districts are fighting for advertisement rights. An individual’s worth in this world is also based on their stock. So as we saw with Satta after getting tased out of his mind, his main sponsor was cutting ties due to what had happened.

Of course, the main plot point going forward will be focusing on the immediate thing that occurred after his sponsor cut him, his stock went through the roof. The way that this factors into the overall story will be crucial, and could fair well in comparison to the blunt portion that is the combat (sport).

VS #2
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