With all the buzz I’ve been seeing about this issue of WONDER WOMAN, I felt that I needed to give it a read. Now I noticed that the buzz was a bit negative, and honestly, after reading this issue myself– I don’t understand it.

I do want to take a minute, and thank everyone who was talking about WONDER WOMAN #34, because I had no clue that James Robinson (writer) was back at DC Comics, let alone writing this title. He’s easily one of my favorite creators/writers out there in the comic book industry, and is an inspiration to me as a writer. You can bet your ass that I’ll be going back and reading his run from the start, you may even get some “back issue” reviews from me.

Enough with my gushing– back to what got me to read this issue, because I had seen a lot of negative buzz around it. Many people were saying it had a “wack” twist, and that the overall story lacked.

Bias aside, I think they’re wrong. I do think that the twist, which comes in this issue, wasn’t one of the most shocking twists, but it definitely played well.

Art by Sergio Davila, Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

I honestly believe that if Diana’s twin-brother, JASON, had turned out to be just as good and well spirited as she, that would’ve been a much larger let down than his hatred of his sister. This sibling rivalry that James is playing out, I think will make for good story. Whenever you get that jealousy, like how Jason was “forced” to live within the shadows and never come out like his sister, it tends to end with a shock.

There was already a seed planted to his [Jason’s] possible turn on GRAIL.

Art by Sergio Davila, Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

It’s been made pretty clear that Jason liked HERCULES, and that he had no clue Grail was going to harm, let alone kill him. So I could see this plot playing out to eventually have Jason turn on Grail as more unfolds of her keeping vital information from him. Possibly even the fact that she might be planning on killing him [Jason] as well, which would make sense since she’s [Grail] targeting all of the children of Zeus.

This all is commonness with James. It’s one of the many reasons I love him as a writer, because he creates massive worlds with amazing stories being told within them. I hated when he departed DC Comics during the NEW52, when he was writing and forging an epic world known as EARTH-2. So I’m pumped to see how this goes.

The art in this issue is overall stunning. Sergio Davila (artist) definitely has an eye for the wonderful. There are a few panels that the faces seem a little wonky, but overall it’s top-notch. Sergio is complimenting James’ story, and is giving great splashes. I think one of the best in this issue was Grail versus Wonder Woman,

Art by Sergio Davila, Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Their — Grail and Diana — confrontation has been building for a year, when the last we saw of Grail was at the end of the mega event DARKSEID WAR. This is what I love about comics, when something has been left open to exploit (reasonably) down the line, and a writer like James comes along and does just that.

I don’t quite believe Grail vs Diana would work as well without the [subtle] twist of Jason being on the former’s side. Having a pivotal moment like Jason turning his back on his sister adds a layer of controversy to the overall matter. It makes it that much more for Diana’s character. And ultimately, there’s a sense/feel of relatability, as we [the readers] have all had someone we are close with/love betray us in some way.

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A few of the standout moments in the issue were:

  1. The opening sequence where we find out how and to whom Jason was given away to. Of course he had to be, with the fact that he couldn’t remain on Themyscira. It surely adds to his hatred of Diana, and feeling that she was chosen over him. Also, I wonder how much of his anger is fueled by what GLAUCUS had told him, knowing he was going to tell him whatever he wanted [and whenever he wanted.]
  2. Seeing that Jason is just as powerful as Diana, though in other ways will hopefully make him a long-lasting character. I hate when a character with potential is one-offed. It ruins whatever impact they had, but knowing James, I think Jason will be around for a while.

Make sure to stop through your local comic shop and pick up a copy, and WONDER WOMAN #35 will fly onto shelves Wednesday, November 22nd,

“TIMES PAST” part two! Raised on the Grecian isles, Wonder Woman’s long-hidden brother, Jason, tried to lead a simple life, running away from his birthright. But when Darkseid’s daughter, Grail, learns of his existence, will he be ready for the chaos she brings with her?

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