There’s been one constant in DC Comics‘ extended universe, that being the loyalty Zack Snyder has shown to the DCEU fans — his fans. Ever since his “departure” from JUSTICE LEAGUE (back in May of 2017), rumors had been swirling around of him being fired, even as much as reports coming out that the higher up exectives wanted him out after BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

This of course caused a lot of controversy, and outrage. Outrage from fans who loved his work, and the vision he had for the DCEU.

Now lets dial it back a little, and jump in the DeLorian to go back before those (firing) rumors really caught traction. We’re going to come zooming in at 88-mph to the moment when he “stepped down”, and Debroah (Snyder) and him were taking time off for their daughter’s deeply saddening suicide. We of course are focusing in on the fact that Joss Whedon (director) was brought on to finish the editing of the movie. That he was there to (respectfully) put together Snyder’s movie according to his vision.

Of course, that’s not what occurred. We quickly found out that Whedon was filming scenes to add “his own flavor”, and that was seen in the final product. It was also quickly apparent that Snyder’s vision was (mostly) lost, as many of his scenes were cut from the theatrical cut.

I don’t think I’ve seen a fanbase turn on someone (including Snyder who’s now been thrust into Sainthood by even his detractors) as much as the DCEU fans turned on Whedon.

Since finding out all of the internal struggles and the controversy, Snyder has been making it very apparent of his feelings; from liking a Vero post (from Fiona Zheng) to taking a dig at the mess that was removing Henry Cavill‘s mustache in Whedon’s reshoots. It only seems to make it more apparent that his departure was less kosher than originally suggested (though not as controversial as rumors would have).

The evidence for that would be his most recent chain of Vero posts.

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The first two being a finger (believed to be his) cut and a photo of Cavill on set as Superman. Fans immediately assumed it was a message suggesting he is (or wants to be) working on the “Snyder Cut”. That chain of posts extended as he followed the first two with photos of Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons.

Snyder in the posts makes it clear how much he loved working with each of the cast, and it is reasonable to think that the legendary “Snyder Cut” could be in the works. I, for one, would not be opposed to such a thing. Though, I still sit back and find it to be a bit implausible. Warner Bros. would have to dump more money into JUSTICE LEAGUE to finish the VFX, and with the movie having underperformed (greatly), I don’t know if they’d be willing to throw more cash at it.

In the end, my only hope is that Snyder stays involved in the DCEU in some compacity or another.