“Snyder Cut” Petition — Claims of petition signatures being “forged” surface

After JUSTICE LEAGUE’s release and disappointing opening weekend (domestically), we saw birth to a fan petition (started by Roberto Mata) on Change.org in hopes to force Warner Bros.’s hand and release the “Snyder Cut” of the movie. The petition has since climbed to a beyond impressive 147,042 (and counting) signatures from fans all showing support of Zack Snyder and his vision.

Despite how truly effective the petition will be, which I’ve made clear that I don’t think it will actually accomplish its goal, you have to tip your cap to its creator and all of those who’ve rallied behind Snyder by signing. Most petitions rarely meet their goal, let alone reach over one hundred thousand in about two weeks.

But it comes as of no surprise that we find claims of its illegitimacy, and of course from the one and only, John Campea (host of the John Campea Show),

Campea makes the claim that “a lot of those” signatures “could be” fake. It’s a very strong claim, and one that over generalizes as it attacks the credibility of fans who’ve legitimately signed the petition.

He backs his claim with the nameless and faceless “people” who have “told” Campea that they were notified of signing (the petition). We find ourselves back to a common theme amongst critics and bloggers in this current time, where there’s no fact checkable sources given. It puts us at a disadvantage since we’re to believe them without question. But it didn’t stop there, because Campea went on (in the above tweet) to say that, “today I got thanked for signing it, when I never did.”

I won’t call his credibility into question, but when there’s a pattern of disliking the DCEU and being the source of rumors that spread like a wild-fire as they claim various things; like an actor wants out of a role due to an out of context comment, it raises a red flag for me. Comments like his, “Are people this desperate,” adds a layer of personal disdain in claiming that the unverified falsehood of the petition’s signatures are true, when we can’t know.

One person, E Leslie Meehan, had even responded to Campea regarding if his signature was actually faked, that the solution was simple,

I’ve found nowhere that Campea has since responded to Meehan, thanking her for the help on how to get his signature (and those he used as evidence in his tweet) removed or that he’s actually done such. This, from my perspective, adds to the red flag since one would expect someone who’s making such a claim to immediately point out that they’ve taken the steps to rectify the situation. Not seeing that (and there could be a chance he has) makes it even more eyebrow raising.

I’m left with saying, that until there’s substantial evidence and/or confirmation from Change.org about the signatures being forged, we can’t know. I’ve come conclusion that it’s ultimately not possible to actually verify whether or not signatures have been forged except from people coming forward. This in the end only serves as fuel to the fire in targeting the DCEU fan base, and overall emboldens hit pieces with no verifiable sources.

So if there are those who have received a message confirming you’ve signed the petition and you actually have not, follow Meehan’s advice and contact the site to correct the problem.

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