It was officially announced today the JUSTICE LEAGUE title will be taken over by recent DC Comics go-to-guy, Scott Snyder.

Snyder is coming off of the epic event DC METAL, and is already shooting straight into the NO JUSTICE event of the aforementioned title he’ll be taking over (starting June 6th). That and one of the BLACK LABEL titles will make for a double workload for Snyder.

A couple things to note with this announcement:

  1. DC Comics seems to be digging a “Marvel trench”: It appears that DC is going to jump right into the “relaunching” trench that upset many of Marvel fans (and comic book fans in general) when they would renumber a series after a certain point. We’re going on… forgive me, I believe it’s 3-years, they’re starting to blend together now— but we’re roughly several years into DC REBIRTH, and we’re still riding the (NEW52) continuity wave. Renumbering/relaunching titles is absurd and a blatant money-grab, because they know “#1s” sell quite well.
  2. Justice League(rs) shake-up: The normal League line-up is changing come this relaunch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that with REBIRTH it wasn’t the regular (eh, NEW52) line-up either, but it appears the Leaguers will consist of; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, The Flash, HawkgirlMartian Manhunter and possibly Aquaman.
  3. GIGANTIC story(?): According to Snyder from his tweet announcing (himself) that he’ll be taking over and relaunching JUSTICE LEAGUE, he’s “been planning for a couple years & building through METAL too,” but forgive me when I’m not giving the Australia’s Got Talent “Shocked Guy” reaction to the “gigantic story” line.

I understand, and believe him when he says he’s been building it for a while, but we’re on this kick where everything is something ground shaking to the DCU. DC METAL has been good so far, but nothing Jim Ross “Good God almighty” level; DOOMSDAY CLOCK is moving along solidly, but now it’s going to take more than a year to get finished; and of course NO JUSTICE is supposed to be one of these “ground shaking/change the DCU forever” things. It’s basically whitenoise at this point. Said way too much, and never delivers.

I don’t know if I’m wearing thin of DC, or if it’s I’m just tired of this hyperbole they seem caught up in. Either way, nothing about this news got me hyped nor more likely to add this relaunch of JUSTICE LEAGUE to my pull-list.

JUSTICE LEAGUE relaunches with Snyder, Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez on June 6th.