Disney’s SOLO — A struggling Star Wars Story

After what was a widely mixed received The Last Jedi, we come upon the latest of Disney’s Star Wars movies — Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s an origin story of the iconic Harrison Ford portrayed character (from the originals), and the second installment in the “A Star Wars Story” off shoots.

With it being predicted to be the lowest opening weekend of Disney’s Star Wars movies by Pamela McClintock of the Hollywood Reporter who reported,

[Solo: A Star Wars Story] is tracking to open to $130 million to $150 million over the long holiday weekend… behind fellow stand-alone pic Rogue One, which debuted to $155.1 million in December 2016.

Normally there shouldn’t be too much reading into predictions, since it’s not necessarily an accurate read (and could be far off), but it seems that Solo is already experiencing trouble. The film, which has already opened in China, has brought in (only) a little over $10M.

China is a huge market when it comes to movies, and to open up so low is not a good sign for what’s to come.

Many questions start to swirl with poor openings like: “Could this be the first bomb for Disney’s Star Wars franchise?” and “Will this effect the possible upcoming movies that Disney has in the works?”

Apparently not so much, as Borys Kit of the Hollywood Reporter reported, “James Mangold is writing and will direct a Star Wars stand-alone movie centered on Boba Fett,” which goes completely to the contrary of any rising concern. This also goes with the highly anticipated, fan desired Obi-Wan Kenobi movie that Stephen Daldry is allegedly in talks to direct.

It will be extremely interesting to watch how Solo does in box office, and what its domestic opening numbers will be. Though I doubt there’s any true trouble on the horizon for Disney when it comes to the Star Wars franchise.

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