Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Lois were the noodles, chicken, carrots and celery, and there was plenty of that. I’d argue an overabundance of that, and thus it lacked the broth.


I’m at the point on Tom King’s (writer) BATMAN run where it’s a like-hate relationship. I either like what he’s doing [one minute,] and then hate it the next. This issue was one of those where I wasn’t going to bother checking it out, but the immense fan reaction to it had me scratching my head, “Hmmm, am I missing something glorious here?”
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His [Murphy] understanding of the Batman mythos, and how to meld the past into the present, build onto both and just give us something new is amongst the best writers out in the comic book industry.


Sometimes I get worried going into a title that has held such a steady line of solid storytelling with the amount of hype that’s behind it. You can feel the sinking feeling in your gut starting to build that an issue is going to fall short, but [again] Sean Gordon Murphy (write and artist) gave us a power hitting issue. Expecting substantial strides in plot is the safe bet so far, as we continue to see the story moving forward in every issue and there hasn’t been a moment of pause.

Once I end up making my Top 10 Best Issues of 2017 list, I have absolutely no doubt that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will be on it, as this issue [number-three] upped the ante again from last issue [number-two.] Continue reading “Review: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #3 (SPOILERS)”

BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight”

This will definitely be must watch material when it comes out, and definitely broadens DC Comics’ horizon as they’re branching out to and taking advantage of their fans in the East.


There had been rumblings for a while around this “wild west infinity” that we all like to call the internet of a “Batman meets anime” project going on. Nothing was ever confirmed, or any weight really thrown at it other than the usual, “Whoa! That would be awesome if done right,” usuals. I can vaguely remember the talks dying off not too long after the original rumor had spread like a wild-fire. Then in October [of this year] at New York Comic Con there was a short clip shown to attendees, which both confirmed said rumblings, and thrusting those who got to see it into this Japanese hyper-stylized world of the “Caped Crusader.”

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Now, this is the moment where I swallow my pride and say… I was wrong.


This was the pivotal issue for me, as a reader of Tom King’s (writer) BATMAN run. This arc caught my attention in the midst of DC METAL, which says a lot with how massive and over the top it is. I was hoping that this would give us a great story first and foremost, and avoid being a push for what I still believe is a sales gimmick. Though, it seems like Oscar Wilde was right when he said, “When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.” Continue reading “Review: BATMAN #35 (SPOILERS)”

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Zack Snyder, hope, and coming full circle

The fact that these clips were devised [nigh] perfectly to further hook us [the audience] without giving much away, they make me want to tip my metaphorical cap to whomever was behind it.


The steam has slowly been building for what feels like forever, but now with less than two weeks [as November 17th approaches] it feels like we’re riding Barry [Allen’s] back. We’ve had a total of three official trailers [which includes the SDCC special footage,] and now we’ve received six exclusive clips from JUSTICE LEAGUE. Each one just expanding upon footage we’ve already seen from one of [if not all three] of the trailers. Each giving us a little more of a taste, and hooking us more than we already are.

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I don’t think there’s a single person who doesn’t want to see this actually pay out for Bruce…


It would appear that lightning can in fact strike the same spot two times in a row– huh, who knew. No, that’s just me giving a bit of a backhanded compliment to Tom King (writer) for giving us [yet] another solid issue of BATMAN, and [again] managing to not make it seem like the possible “Catwoman marrying Batman” isn’t a cash grab. Instead, we got an issue that continues what is turning out to be an overall good story arc. Continue reading “Review: BATMAN #34 (SPOILERS)”


The [almost] hindsight factor for this issue’s true success will come out of whether or not there’s any real capitalization on the Lois portion of the issue…


I’m beginning to see the trend with DC METAL, and that being that overall it’s turning out to be “hit or miss” every other issue. Now sure, this could [for me] due to James Tynion IV’s (writer) writing, because he doesn’t do it for me at all. This issue is definitely the day to BATMAN: THE MERCILESS #1‘s night– heh, pun not intended. Continue reading “Review: BATMAN THE DEVASTATOR #1 (SPOILERS)”