TITANS — Just when you thought Hawk and Dove couldn’t look cool

It’s melding the campiness of the characters with a realistic approach to the question, “How would Hank and Dawn look if they were in the real world?”


Last week we got our first official look at Brenton Thwaites as Robin [a.k.a. Dick Grayson] on the upcoming exclusive direct-to-consumer streaming service DC Comics will be launching next year [2018,] TITANS. It came basically unannounced that it would occur, and whenever something like that drops, it spikes interest in whatever it belongs to. Now, while I was a bit disappointed in the choice of stage that Dick would be in his “career” as a hero, I generally liked the costume design. It had a BATMAN V SUPERMAN style vibe to it, and felt– well, real.

Well, we knew that two of DC Comics‘ more underappreciated heroes would be appearing in the show, HAWK and DOVE, as Derek Lawrence of Entertainment Weekly had announced Alan Ritchson (Smallville) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) were cast as Hank Hall/Hawk and Dawn Granger/Dove in TITANS. The characters have their own cult following, and any die-hard DC Comics fan is going to at least know of them. I thought [even before the Thwaites reveal as Robin] that the biggest hurdle the show would have is presenting this two to the audience in a non campy way, and costume design would play a definite role in that. Continue reading “TITANS — Just when you thought Hawk and Dove couldn’t look cool”


Just from the two issues that Somar has been in, we see how she’s going to be someone to watch out for.


One concern I always had about a team book along the lines of HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS is how it features one lantern — Hal Jordan — in its title and how that would be balanced with incorporating the 7,199 other Green Lanterns. I know from Robert Venditti’s (writer) run on GREEN LANTERN [preREBIRTH] that he had a general handle on being able to keep Hal the focus while folding in characters like Kilowog, Salaak and Gorin-Sunn, but with some many other prominent secondaries, I worried even until last issue– until last. Continue reading “Review: HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #34 (SPOILERS)”


Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Lois were the noodles, chicken, carrots and celery, and there was plenty of that. I’d argue an overabundance of that, and thus it lacked the broth.


I’m at the point on Tom King’s (writer) BATMAN run where it’s a like-hate relationship. I either like what he’s doing [one minute,] and then hate it the next. This issue was one of those where I wasn’t going to bother checking it out, but the immense fan reaction to it had me scratching my head, “Hmmm, am I missing something glorious here?”
Continue reading “Review: BATMAN #36 (SPOILERS)”


His [Murphy] understanding of the Batman mythos, and how to meld the past into the present, build onto both and just give us something new is amongst the best writers out in the comic book industry.


Sometimes I get worried going into a title that has held such a steady line of solid storytelling with the amount of hype that’s behind it. You can feel the sinking feeling in your gut starting to build that an issue is going to fall short, but [again] Sean Gordon Murphy (write and artist) gave us a power hitting issue. Expecting substantial strides in plot is the safe bet so far, as we continue to see the story moving forward in every issue and there hasn’t been a moment of pause.

Once I end up making my Top 10 Best Issues of 2017 list, I have absolutely no doubt that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will be on it, as this issue [number-three] upped the ante again from last issue [number-two.] Continue reading “Review: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #3 (SPOILERS)”

TITANS — You don’t know Dick

I don’t quite understand how this won’t just been TEEN Titans with only the latter of it being used to promote.


We learned back in March [2017] that DC Comics would be adding yet another show under its belt– TITANS. Though, there was a catch, and that being it would be brought to us [along with YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS] through DC Comics‘ “direct-to-consumer” digital streaming service. It was clear that they’re trying to buy in on the Netflix craze, and use this new series as a way to [help] launch it. Continue reading “TITANS — You don’t know Dick”

BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight”

This will definitely be must watch material when it comes out, and definitely broadens DC Comics’ horizon as they’re branching out to and taking advantage of their fans in the East.


There had been rumblings for a while around this “wild west infinity” that we all like to call the internet of a “Batman meets anime” project going on. Nothing was ever confirmed, or any weight really thrown at it other than the usual, “Whoa! That would be awesome if done right,” usuals. I can vaguely remember the talks dying off not too long after the original rumor had spread like a wild-fire. Then in October [of this year] at New York Comic Con there was a short clip shown to attendees, which both confirmed said rumblings, and thrusting those who got to see it into this Japanese hyper-stylized world of the “Caped Crusader.”

Of course, nothing was put online and it left us [who didn’t get to see it] floundering– until now! Continue reading “BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight””


I kind of want to take credit for this, Venditti slowly but surely reuniting Green Lantern and Star Sapphire.


In a book that’s been on and off my radar since about seven [or so] issues in, HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS has finally seemed to lock me up for a steady ride [so far.] It’s killed me every time I’ve dropped it, since Hal Jordan is my all time favorite character, but that’s life. You can’t always expect to like something, even as much as you want to; and with Robert Venditti’s (writer) run on GREEN LANTERN back before REBIRTH, I’m not surprised there’s been stretches on this current run I haven’t exactly dug.

But since the “Fall of the Gods” arc, Venditti’s had me hooked, and this arc has started out with quite the bang. Continue reading “Review: HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #33 (SPOILERS)”