His [Murphy] understanding of the Batman mythos, and how to meld the past into the present, build onto both and just give us something new is amongst the best writers out in the comic book industry.


Sometimes I get worried going into a title that has held such a steady line of solid storytelling with the amount of hype that’s behind it. You can feel the sinking feeling in your gut starting to build that an issue is going to fall short, but [again] Sean Gordon Murphy (write and artist) gave us a power hitting issue. Expecting substantial strides in plot is the safe bet so far, as we continue to see the story moving forward in every issue and there hasn’t been a moment of pause.

Once I end up making my Top 10 Best Issues of 2017 list, I have absolutely no doubt that BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will be on it, as this issue [number-three] upped the ante again from last issue [number-two.] Continue reading “Review: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #3 (SPOILERS)”


It takes an extremely talented individual– no, storyteller, an extremely talented storyteller to craft a story that perfectly takes influence from the world around him and infuses the hot political climate in a manner that doesn’t necessarily alienate one political party or the other, but instead produces a solid work that can be seen to show us how surreal the world is looking.


After a stunning #1, Sean Gordon Murphy (writer and artist) does it again with BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #2! See, I get a bit antsy going into the second issue of a title that had a great [or even better than great] first issue, but right out of the gate it was pretty clear there wasn’t anything to worry about. SGM has made it clear that he’s giving us a revenge story featuring two characters that have completely transcended the [comic book] genre in their own way, and man, it’s a don’t miss. Continue reading “Review: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #2 (SPOILERS)”