Breaking: Disney, 21st Century Fox acquisition and the likelihood of a DOJ block

The DOJ will look at the wider scope, which is that this in all essence would form an entertainment monger, and has extensive “reshaping implications” on the landscape that almost weaponizes the industry in their favor.


For [roughly] the last two weeks– hell, even longer it’s been basic “acceptance” that Disney would be acquiring a large portion of 21st Century Fox‘s assets. Brent Lang of Variety reported earlier this week to expect a deal to be announced Thursday [today,] and I don’t think it’s wrong to just accept that it would be happening. And as we’ve found out today, Brookes Barnes of the New York Times confirmed it appears to be happening, Continue reading “Breaking: Disney, 21st Century Fox acquisition and the likelihood of a DOJ block”

Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal

As we’ve seen, the Trump Administration’s DOJ seems hellbent on upholding antitrust laws…


Roughly a month ago we found out that there were talks between 21st Century Fox and Disney, which would see the latter acquiring [nearly] everything of the former except for its news, sports and broadcast networks. This is huge talks since we’ve seen the rise of AT&T attempting to acquire Time Warner, which [if successful] on both ends would be a colossal shift to the media outlet landscape.

Though, talks on the two acquisitions had come to a screeching halt for both. For Time Warner/AT&T being that the Department of Justice filed suit to block the merger, while 21st Century Fox/Disney talks were reported to have stalled. Continue reading “Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal”

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Internal struggles, corporate greed and contradictions

Perception here speaks for itself, as it appears to be more dirt kicked at JUSTICE LEAGUE after its poor [domestic] opening weekend and the [so-far] failed merger.


It seems like since May [of this year] we’ve been on the longest rollercoaster ride since the invention of rollercoasters, and the twists and turns just keep coming. I thought that when the news of Zack Snyder (director) stepping down from JUSTICE LEAGUE had broke, it was the worst possible scenario. That being because it came with the news of Joss Whedon (director) filling in for Snyder, and finishing the post production that he was unable to since the unfortunate tragedy of his daughter, Autumn’s, death. It was an emotional time for the Snyders, and beyond understandable for them [Zack and Deborah] to take a step back.

Since that point, there’s been an almost incalculable number of twists and turns. We’ve seen the “reshoots” debacle, rewrites to make the movie more “light and hopeful,” and most recently the “Snyder Cut.” Continue reading “JUSTICE LEAGUE — Internal struggles, corporate greed and contradictions”